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Friday, April 5, 2013

photostory friday: 50 and grateful

if you've been following along, you'll know that it's been an incredible couple of weeks, and i just have SOOOOOO much to be grateful for; so in no particular order...

looking this good whilst appearing, but not actually naked
my parents
 family and friends
a warm night in wellington in late march (it's AUTUMN remember)
the most amazing husband and speech writer you'll ever meet
2 weeks on, people are STILL talking about it!
friends who cook
friends who give you champagne
friends who give you GOOD champagne

friends who will travel almost 40,000 kilometres [there and back] to celebrate with you 
 a personalised mask
 someone who will go the extra mile to be in theme
a fun and willing spirit
 strangers becoming friends
 THIS many people around the dinner table
 gifted friends
 THIS girl
 $1 frame
$3 pot of paint
 friends who will do this
a daughter who has NEVER done zumba who learns the moves just for you
 $8 party shoes
 my awesome new mask collection
 friends who aren't afraid to be photographed doing this
 artistic talent
 knowing that the best gifts aren't always the ones wrapped in paper and bows
 children who welcome others into their home
 friends who will make you front page news
(well, sorta)
 this guy again
 taste buds
blue sky
 home-made relishes for $2 a jar
 communities where this still happens
 this view
 this woman
 these two
 banana phones as a legitimate form of entertatinment 
 friends who open their homes to you

if you're counting, you'll know that there aren't 50 things on my list, but i think you get the idea...

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Sharlene Meyer said...

Such a fabulous post, Sue! It is wonderful to see someone embracing their life with such spirit!

Margot said...

Lovely to see you posting on the ol' blog again, Sue!

mandyb said...

very cool post
and a very cool party!!
i didnt get to hear most of Clive's speech as some of the chatterboxes at the back were talking ALL through it!!!
heard it was funny!!!

thanks for a great time!!!!

cat said...

Happy happy 50th Sue - you looked simply stunning!

marty said...

What a wonderful celebration and list of things to be happy about :-) Loved the painting and happy birthday!

Cecily R said...

You, my friend, are amazing! And you look stunning in purple. (:

Working Mum said...

Fabulous! Great party, cake, dress, mask, etc, etc. You are a lucky girl!

Angelia Sims said...

What a cool party! Happy belated birthday. You looked absolutely smashing. :-)