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Saturday, November 9, 2013

photo story friday and the milestones that keep coming

the picture below is a VERY.BAD photoshop collage of all my girls on their first day of primary [elementary] school

...but that's beside the point

that's our 2nd youngest 2nd from the left

this is her again on her LAST day of primary [elementary] school
kinda dwarfing the fence

here she is on her first day of intermediate [middle] school
middle school here is only 2 years, and MAN it goes fast

yep - so fast, here she is on her LAST day of intermediate
(2nd from the right)

looking a little nervous on her FIRST day of college [high school]

and 2 days ago, on her LAST day at college

things to note:

- the crappy weather
- the thoughtful gift of a farewell cake from her french class to my daughter and one of the many international students at her school.  what an awesome and diverse bunch they are.

- many have already made it to zumba so i love them even more!!!

- lunch at our local french cafe.  i make her order my food in french.  i tell her language is like muscle - if you don't exercise it, you'll lose it.

- my daughter is leaving school one year before the end of high school.  this is a break from the norm in our family, where the older 2 stayed until year 13 then went onto university.  this brave young lady is now looking for full-time work and applying to study hospitality at WELTEC (wellington institute of technology).  i guess you'd call it a community college.  she doesn't start until march, hence the need for full-time employment (no sitting around at my house!)

so there you have it

3 'schooldayz' down, 1 to go

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1 comment:

mandyb said...

wow time sure does fly!!!
cant believe she is done!!!

i too left end of 6th form and havent looked back!!!
hope she finds a job,,,what sort of thing is she looking for???

she can put up and ad if she wants nannying over summer???