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Monday, November 4, 2013

if you're going to miss zumba, it may as well be for something else that's super fun

 i can't take any credit for the behind the scenes organisation that went into fellow scrapmate michelle's surprise bridal shower

all i did was not go to zumba, make a brownie, put on a frock and show up!

couldn't have been a better day for it either!

this is about 20 minutes up the coast from where i live and this is my friend carmel's view


my OTHER fellow scrapmates stalked michelle's pinterest board (well, one of them) and put together the party she'd always wanted to put on herself (in her favourite colours!)

i have her permission to post this pic. in her own words, she almost went into 'the ugly cry'!
she said she'd never been brought to tears in public by friends (in the happy way!)

it's not the first time i've been a part of something like that!

[my post-zumba birthday morning tea last year, where i decided to say a few words about how much my 'zeeps' mean to me]

 my place setting - and that's my brownie to the left of the jam and cream scones!!!

 being scrapbookers, we each made a tag with some marriage advice

mine's the one with the freckled fawn wooden 'love' word bubble
my quote was:

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

a few group shots
what a colourful bunch we are!

and here's me in my $12 dress and $8 gold sandals

all-hail savemart!

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mandyb said...

great post!
a great day for sure!!!
and we got her!!!

and dont we all look so colourful!!!