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Friday, November 15, 2013

photo story friday and a whole lotta layouts

i belong to an actual and virtual scrapbooking group

every day our 'leader' KRIS sends through a QoTD

it might be 1 question or 4 questions

sometimes there are MANY questions that might include our favourite things

i've decided in recent times, that as well as answering them, i'd turn them into layouts too!

ok, so this one was about why i call hubby 'mr scrappy' plus i've used this layout several times
- it's a fave!

the colours in this one make me so happy!

this was a 'washi 3 ways' challenge
which i won! (through a scrapbooking company)

that's me super excited to see the sun in australia back in july
(the weather must have been miserable when i left nz) 

my 17 year old took these photos of me on HER birthday
why should SHE have all the fun!

this was the first time i printed a photo that i'd put together using an app on my phone.  i was thrilled with the result.  gotta love rhonna's app!

it occurred to me that i never scrapped any pics from our trip to bali
- which happened BACK IN FEB!!!

i even incorporated some of kris's questions into an interview for miss 17 on her birthday this year

this was another favourite things layout

no surprises here:

new york
pretty coloured drinks

and the latest one just finished yesterday

i loves me my scrappy time!

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk PhotoStory Friday
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betty manousos said...

good morning!
these all are fantastic! great job.

visiting via photo story friday!

love your blog!

mandyb said...

very cool layouts...go you!!!

Anonymous said...

You surely have the best life I could ever dream of. You have many cats, nice family (as I can think looking at your blog) ;)
But I'm so jealous of place, you're living in. It must be great to spend lifetime in New Zeland. Greetings from Poland!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

I love the school says one.

So, I think you are saying when I kids are a lot older, I will have time to go back and do all of my scrapping? Because I only have my first daughter's done through like 7 weeks...and nothing for the others!