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Thursday, November 21, 2013

wordful wednesday and the friendships that last

back when our family looked like this

(she's too big to balance on my hip these days, so i stand next to her instead...)

we switched places with the couple below

well, the menfolk switched jobs and the ladyfolk got to discover a new city and make new friends

the first photo was taken in 1995 at the end of our 'living in america' experience

the 2nd photo was taken this past august.

we no longer have TWO daughters, we have FOUR.

some things will never change however, and that's our friendship with these wonderful people [and their extended family].

it's PURE coincidence that [in a country the size of the USA] they now live just ONE HOUR from my friend amanda's house, so when my berkeley-bound daughter and i were on the east coast back in august, we got to see these fabulous people again and spend the day with them.

PS: Tom and Jackie: it's your turn to come here now!!!


angie said...

what a wonderful thing to have friendships that last like this!!!

mandyb said...

so cool to see that pic at the top!!! i remember you telling me stories of you driving an RV!!!
love it