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Friday, April 4, 2014

photostory friday: the colour run (that's colour with a U!)

yes yes i realise the colour run is an international [american?] franchise, so if i want to hashtag to my heart's content, then i'm going to have to make my peace with the absent 'U' ;)

having said that, i was VERY excited about this event

i loved the fact that in another part of the world at EXACTLY the same time, my friend gigi was doing the colour run too!  it's a pity they got rained on in jacksonville florida, but it looks like they had as much fun as we did...

Tash rockin' the headband first thing in the morning

my zumba instructor caro (that's her in the blue pants) took the warmup

now that's one massive zumba class!

to explain the caption - a couple of hours later we were at zumba again, this time at a local school fair doing a demo!

can you spot which child of mine doesn't zumba? 

the 'before' shot 

 and we're off!

i couldn't convince mr scrappy to get paint thrown on him, so he drove us to the venue and took all these awesome shots! 

 crossing the line
the bulls aren't really runners...

directly after the race

 then after we'd thrown the orange pouches over each other
we were given one each as we crossed the line and didn't realise we were meant to hold onto them for the 'colour throw'

 our colour run buddies, zumba pal Megan and her sister Nic

it's more fun with friends, that's for sure!

next year i'll make sure ALL my girls join in!

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mandyb said...

wasnt it fun!!! i loved it!!

cat said...

Oh boy, that looks like fun. Combined with Zumba even better

Marty Hadding said...

Looks like so much fun!