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Friday, November 29, 2013

PSF: things you should know if your child is a rower

my youngest daughter has been on her college (high school) rowing team for 3 years now, so we definitely no longer consider ourselves 'parental rowing virgins'

now we get to say things [to the novice parents] like 'aren't you glad your child got into rowing'?
(can you hear the sarcasm?!)

yes it is THE most time-consuming, labour-intensive, EXPENSIVE sport your child will probably ever participate in, but then there's the plus side; the things we now know...

you get to admire views like this
(admittedly, first thing on a saturday morning, but still...)

as a spectator sport, it CAN be tricky...

 there's a lot of standing around

not always in the most pleasant of weather conditions
(but then again grandparents are like parents and will do anything for their kids - including courting hypothermia) - KIDDING!!

there's also a lot of SITTING around

or leaning
at 'away' regattas, no-one's allowed to leave until the LAST boat is on the trailer

this involves a lot of the standing previously mentioned

there's a lot of schlepping and heavy lifting

getting boats in and out of the water can be a hot mess

check out the optical illusion in the photo below
(there are actually 3 boats in this shot [excluding the yellow one])

 you also need to know how to cook in BULK 

 you'll learn the value of friendship

  you'll learn the thrill of victory 


and win some awesome trophies

you'll occasionally get to hang out with some gold-medal-winning olympians too

some of those early morning starts will be on your birthday, but it's ok because you're with friends

  most of all though, you need to know that rowing is OARSOME

(see what i did there?)

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JOh said...

Amen to all that rowing mother sister! Beautifully accompanied by some LOL photos!

mandyb said...

wahoooooooo great post
and love the fellow rowing mum aboves comment!!!