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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

week in the life: sunday

more great inspiration from ali today:
(well, when i realised i was several days behind and went to her blog)

Why did I take this photo? What's the story? How does it add to the overall story of this week in our life? Or simply, why did I want to take a moment of my life to record this? 

it was late on sunday night when i read this, so i took the remaining photos with ali's words in mind.
i lost my way a little with this project - for 2 reasons:

IT disruption on Wednesday which kind of stopped me in my tracks and threw me off my groove; and the weekend.  like thursday, i was busy just 'doing' and i forgot to take pictures.

i'm particularly happy with the blogging aspect of this project.  after sorting through photos, using the templates and journalling some of the photos - basically planning out my album (i'm up to wednesday.  it's now the following wednesday), i found i was inspired to write more about certain photos.  some may already be going in the album and have words that go with them.  some only ended up on the blog, but there was still a story to tell.

i decided not to overthink the fact that some of the stories will be online and some in a 'real world' album.

i took 65 photos today: 25 on the canon, 40 on my iPhone 

WHY: because i rarely have to ask | because she works well with/around others | because she may not have this job next year and i want a picture of her in her uniform


WHY: because, although we're big rugby and all blacks fans, we're not so dedicated to get up in the wee small hours to watch a game.  thank goodness, this game was played in chicago and on tv at 930am in the morning.  very civilised indeed.

WHY: because watching 'you tubers' playing games is a 'thing'

WHY: because moe loves tash and tash loves moe

WHY: because if there ever comes a day when he doesn't drool anymore, i want to remember when he did

WHY: because my friend is renting a house near here and i don't know when i'll next get to enjoy this view | because although our country is surrounded by 15,000km of coastline, none of it should be taken for granted 

WHY: because we haven't all been able to get together for MONTHS and it's precious when we do

WHY: because birthdays are special and need to be acknowledged

WHY: because his projects change over time 

WHY: because in a couple of months our sunday night dinners will be 'minus' katelin

WHY: because Tash wants to earn some extra cash and folded this laundry

WHY: saturday paper.  untouched, but i'd miss getting a morning paper if it wasn't delivered

WHY: because our fridge has been rather empty in the 3 weeks since we got back but Clive and Tash went to the supermarket today.  those two should not shop for groceries unsupervised...

SID - when we got home from our trip, he was significantly thinner.  the girls were busy with their individual studies and pursuits and there wasn't a sucker at home during the day (me) to let him in and out - and in again - to eat all the

WHY: because it was this late before i realised that i hadn't got myself in the picture today, and rather than rest the camera on the windowsill, i took ali's advice (again), and tried a different angle

WHY: because it was so sweet of my mum to buy this for us (as she bought one for our 25th wedding anniversary) and i need to get the photos i've sorted for it printed

 WHY: sid loves to keep me company in here
he'll lie here, or on top of my keyboard, or at my feet

cats are random

  WHY: because 3 new big bang episodes were available that we hadn't watched.  so we did

the family that watches big bang together, stays together ;)

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mandyb said...

great post....and YAH finally it's me!!!
love the angles of these photos too