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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week in the life: saturday

As I lay in bed this morning, a blog post formed in my head based on what I could hear:

when i woke at 7:44, the first thing I heard was the coffee grinder. "Will that coffee be for me?" i wondered.

i heard our almost 18 year old arthritic and very cranky cat patsy meowing outside the girls' rooms to be let in.  they won't - either because they sleep through it, or they simply don't want patsy sleeping on their head.  which she will do given half a chance.

i heard the cat door flap open and shut.  i didn't hear moe 'announce' his arrival all the way down the hall, so i guess it's wednesday.

i hear purring then the soft footfall of paws on our thick duvet.  yep, it's wednesday.

i hear the purring get louder as she gets closer to me.


i hear the 'uh oh' of clive's text alert.  i'm guessing its Chris checking up on their ride plans today.  they're going 500km to their mate Mark's weekender up the line in prep for their 1000km ride next weekend.

what a trio those 3 make:

Clive 6 months post-ruptured aorta
Chris 9 months post-2 broken legs; and
Mark 5 months post-hip replacement

when clive arrived with my morning coffee shortly before heading off, i said they needed to come up with a name for their 'gang'.

"i'm thinking the 're-generators'!"

i heard tash's bedroom door open, then the toilet door close [then open again].  i heard her shuffle out to the family room (i'm assuming to retrieve either her laptop or laptop cable), then heard her bedroom door close again.  she's injured and not training right now, so is enjoying not having to get up at 5am four mornings a week.  that all changes next week, so enjoy it hunny!

is it a 'mother thing' that we're the only ones in the house that can identify every sound? 
i think so.

i eventually got out of bed at 11:16
i haven't done that in a long time and it was kinda nice!
all i have planned today is housework, but the sun is shining and i suggest to my very practical 18 year old that we skive off our chores, gather up the rest of her sisters and go have lunch at the beach

this is how the conversation went:
me: hey, let's skive off our housework and go eat lunch in the sun
mikaela: orrrrr, we could blat out our housework and have a late lunch

practicality won out.  smart girl that one...

we went to beach babylon on oriental parade which is a firm family fave.  katelin had her 21st there and we always seem to get the same table in the corner (which has ample room for us) - even when the place is packed!

from there we went to COSMIC where katelin got an industrial bar in her ear.
as an act of sisterly bonding, they're all getting piercings (and as a gift to each other for christmas/before katelin heads back to san fran to live)

Tash is the only one who needs parental permission, and it's not like she's getting her eyebrow or lip pierced.  i trust her judgement.  clive of course hates the idea, but don't all fathers hate the thought of their perfect little baby girls 'mutiliating' their bodies?

finally to Tash's room
i'm going to do a scrapbooking layout about that room
actually, in the past i've attempted to take a photo every day for 2 weeks, from 'that one day it's clean' until 14 days later when housework day rolls around again, but i think i'll use the pics from this week.

WARNING: if you're squeamish, you might want to scroll past 'at pace' through the piercing photos...

i took 63 photos today; all but 2 of them on my iPhone 

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mandyb said...

getting piercings for it!! hahaha

didnt know K was heading back to San cool

as for that late sleep in...arent saturdays the best!!!