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Sunday, November 2, 2014

week in the life: thursday

amazing how a busy day can mean way less photos
i guess you're so busy with the activity of the day, you forget to document it!

i took 47 photos today - 46 of those on my iPhone

i love how Tash thinks it's completely normal for me to photograph her leaving to catch the train
when zoe and katelin were at the same school, they left at 8:11am every day and got home at 3:48

when mikaela and tash were at school together, they NEVER walked together:
for 2 reasons:
- mostly because mikaela is a fast walker (like her mama!)
- and one liked to get there earlier than the other (so, EARLY early)

it wasn't until recently that tash said - 'you know mum, the train doesn't come until 8:21 and it's usually late'
i used to be able to set my watch by the time my girls left and got home from school, but things change over time

my day was full of people, starting with two of my zumba buddies, one of whom i hadn't seen for almost 2 months!  it was so nice to see her again.  we usually stand close to each other in the front row in class and make mischief ;)

and look!  my car found its twin outside the coffee shoppe

from there it was into town to see another friend, but first i had to negotiate these PESKY cab drivers, who ALL OVER WELLINGTON CITY regularly hog parking spaces and DON'T PAY!

it drives me crazy.
during our recent travels, we visited so many places where there was a taxi SHORTAGE!
if only that was the case here *sigh*.....

a bought my friend a scarf in venice
i think she liked it

SO.  people that know me will tell you that i win stuff.  all.the.time

so i won this bathtub full of champagne

and all this food...

all i had to do was REGRAM a pic from a cocktail bar in town
it's called the library and it's very cool
it's FULL of books

and i found out while i was here, that if you bring IN a book, you can swap it and take one home!
how cool is that?

for example...

look at my winnings!!!

the prize was for me and 30 FRIENDS, but with husbands away for work and young families etc, i couldn't gather that many at short notice

still, those that came had a great time and there was plenty of bubbly to go around!

black is not a colour my friends!!!

many of my friends are participating in fat mum slim's photo a day challenge
today was the NUMBER 4 and my friend shona took this picture of me
after she took it and checked the photo, she was heard to utter: "some might say this is 6!!!!!"

anyway - i regrammed her pic - such a brilliant idea had to be emulated!

back home we caught up on downton

such an awesome series and a truly accurate reflection of the changing times during that era


mandyb said...

great post...and i so love that pic of you with all those bubbles...such a shame i couldnt come!!!

cat said...

What a win! And love the book exchange idea. A busy but great great day