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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

week in the life: friday

today i didn't really have anything planned
i figured the more time i have at home, the more time i have to spend on getting.things.done
- like this project, and sifting through 3722 trip photos.  ok i did that already and now i have to sift through 3052 and create a 'highlights reel'

oh to-do list - how you taunt me...

yosemite - you're full of bugs.  my mouse doesn't work and this photo sharing business is causing us big headaches!  I was catching up with some friends on the sunday and wanted to have trip photos to show my friends

so - 

in an extraordinary act of discipline, i sat at this computer until it was done.

i started at 925am and finished at 1058

thank goodness i had a hearty breakfast first!
if there's one thing that IS constant around here, it's breakfast with this guy
wouldn't miss it for the world

did i mention that he makes it?
and the coffee too

the flyer he's reading is from JB HI-FI
he loves to leaf through it (while i click away in his ear)
we haven't had a speaker in the kitchen for a while and i think he's checking out what's available

halfway through the morning my friend sherin called and asked me over for lunch
she's making muffins.  yes please!!!

how cute are these sitting in her window?
 i can report that for the 2nd year in a row, we had not single one trick or treater up our way

i guess it's become the preserve of those that live on the flat!

Tash was a litte grumpy:

i'm too old to trick or treat and too young to drink!!!

make muffins faster please - i'm hungry!!!


while we were overseas, sid found a new place to sleep
i guess our bed was no fun to sleep on if we weren't in it!

but oh my - that's 6 weeks worth of fur - clive will have fun vacuuming THAT up tomorrow!

a couple of snaps from around the house:
HALF of Tash's perfume stash in the girls' bathroom

selena gomez on the left and marc jacobs lola on the right
i don't remember wearing 'proper' perfume when i was that young

the wobble board
leaving it out reminds me to work on my balance and help strengthen my sprained ankle
i think it's been 6 weeks and it's still feels so weak - ugh

when we lived in the states i had one of those double wide fridge-freezers, AND the sides were exposed - magnet heaven.

can you spot any new ones from places far away?

quiet time in her room on her new phone
Tash bounces between her room and out in the family room with us
she needs her fix of people

mikaela on the other hand is happy to spend hours alone in her room

 but hey - if there's a free ticket to see LORDE in concert, i'm there
cya mum!

clive's been on a couple of rides this week already in preparation for a 1000K ride this weekend but i haven't managed to get a pic of him either coming or going

it was late in the day before i realised that i hadn't got myself in any pictures today, so took the opportunity to set the camera up on the counter while we watched the netball

i read on the message board today about the difficulty some participants have getting their family [willingly] into pictures.

as you can see, i have the opposite problem!!!

in this one, i'm being told off by my child for not 'acting natural' (in the photo above)

my family ladies and gentlemen!

we were watching our netball team, the silver ferns (who have had an AWFUL run lately), play england.  we won.  yay!

today i took 58 photos, 27 of which were on my iPhone

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mandyb said...

great post....our get tog went so fast i hardly had time to view any photos....sad!!!

love the pics of you all watching the netball too...hahaha