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Monday, August 24, 2015

Week in the Life: Sunday Words & Photos

 the morning after the night before
the birthday girl warms the cups for a much-needed round of coffee 

preparing a hearty post-party breakfast
i love their kitchen.  they've even got a 'scullery' off the main kitchen
right now eldest brother Graham is washing glasses so we have something to drink our juice out of.

Russell's Piperrada
feat. last night's ham off the bone

The Bulls
youngest brother Craig died 13 years ago, and their parents passed within 3 weeks of each other back in 2012.  it's times like this when their absence is most keenly felt.

the very photogenic Ruby

spring daffodils on the side of the road as we're heading for home

lunch stop in Dannevirke

with a name like "The Vault", we figure this used to be a bank
it's the way many small towns have gone.  art galleries and now cafes replace what used to be the Post Office or the local bank

man i'm tired...

almost home
it's been a very quiet trip

i thought it was going to be a very slow crawl for the last hour, but in the end it wasn't too bad

back home, someone's been keeping my chair warm
i wonder how he managed to get up and under there
i stall writing up Saturday's Words and Photos because i don't want to shift him 

Tash has been tidying
i was going to ask her to tidy away her fashion because i think i want to start another puzzle (WASGIJ) when she's away for Tournament Week, and now i don't have to!

she's been doing laundry too!

this is now her bedroom looks ONE day out of 14.

let's just take a moment

ok, moment's over

he's known all weekend that he was going to have to work when he got home
(those deadlines and reports i mentioned earlier in the week)

meanwhile, Sunday night is happening in the family room

Tash sends me a pic from the party she went to on Saturday night
see if you can guess the theme...

then i find these 2 'pearlers' on her snap story this morning...

love you too girls :)

76 photos
 63 on my canon 60D
13 on my iPhone 6

Closing thoughts on this project:

by the time we got home last night i was totally wiped out
it was a FULL. ON. week.  add to that photographing, documenting and blogging,
i wondered whether i'd bitten off more than i could chew.

still, i wouldn't change a thing and [one of my favourite sayings]: it is what it is.

photos i didn't take: not many really. 

the neighbours are putting on an extra storey and the builders started this week
i see them from where i sit at my computer desk in my scrap room and the framing has gone up very quickly.  they lost one day to rain and start very early every morning!  the drilling and hammering has shattered my usual afternoon calm, but then again, my week was so busy i didn't always notice it.

stories i didn't tell.  i can't really answer that one.

 some days i felt like there were multiple stories to be told
most days though, i let my photos prompt the words and made a concerted effort to 'write up/blog' the preceding day's words and photos first thing the next morning (time permitting).

the revelation has been the introduction of a Facebook Group for Week in the Life.  over 800 members from all over the world.  i'm not alone in absolutely loving it.

i think i'll take a few days to 'exhale' then maybe next week start on choosing and editing my photos for inclusion in the album.


Brenda said...

WOW Man can hardly keep up with you, always on the go. loving the photo's and cracking up at your girls snap chat..

mandyb said...

Great post and great week....i have enjoyed it
and love that the girls have their own spin on pics
hope you can rest a little this week xxx

Gloria King said...

I really like your pictures and you stories too. Looks like you have a great thing and beautiful children. Oh the pictures of the food look so yummy ...