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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week in the Life 2015: Completed in the Album

...and it's bulging!

so much bigger than last year's album, but then again, it was a crazy busy week

let me just start by saying that all the hours of blogging and documenting during the actual week was time well spent, and putting the album together was a relaxing business.  it was not at all rushed and i thoroughly enjoyed the process.

the 2x2 page was the last thing i did to complete this album
i agonised over it and really couldn't decide what to do, so in the end, went with the 4x4 photo cut into 2x2's and simply added embellishments

less is more and don't overthink it!

the idea for the 'split' photo i got from the week in the life Facebook page, so if you're reading this - thanks for the inspiration!

you might recognise a few embellishments from ali's STORY KITS...

i did love the variation in the dividers, but i think we can ALL agree, we'd like the week to start from MONDAY not SUNDAY!!!

i purchased the 2015 WitL 6x8 templates and made good use of them

i also used many of ali's digital brushes that i already own

i loved the versatility of the 3x8 page protectors

i didn't use the index tabs on most of the 3x4 cards, mostly because you can't buy them in new zealand, and the ONE packet i did manage to get has now run out :(

the idea for the veneer day of the week over the gold washi was another hack from the WitL Facebook group - thank you whoever you are!!!

ugh - the weather was NOT great that week!

with a red heart from her december daily 2014 kit

getting the print on my photos just the right size was a challenge

in a couple of instances it needed to be a bit bigger, but it's a balance - dark print on a dark part of the photo and light on light, and how much content to cover.  it mostly worked out well.

the accidental Skype from my mum.  too cute.

that equates to close to USD6 for an american gallon

for this 3x8 page protector i covered the original wording with tim holtz idea-ology 'small talk' because all my photos were from the morning.  the gold strip is from stampin' up's "PL" type kit

the photo of my friend steph (and me holding her baby) 
is one of the 3x4 page protectors cut in half vertically

another hack from ali with the word art adhered to the gold washi placed on an angle on the 3x4 card

and this quote is ali's Give Sunday #9

..and as if our week hasn't been busy enough, we're headed out of town for the weekend!

again with the 3x8 page protector, i covered up the original wording with 
tim holtz's idea-ology small talk stickers

i used prima's colour bloom 'express gold' spray mist on the 'sunday' wood veneer

closing thoughts on this project (which i wrote at the end of the week)
i'd never remember those details now!

snapchat played its role in my week and i'm so grateful for it

whether it was requests from me to my 2 eldest who don't live in this city, or screen shots from the youngest's snap story  - they all helped make up the story of our week

my youngest [and only child at school] daughter's timetable

my favourite moments from the week (as written on the daily sheets at the time)

finally, memorabilia from the week in the sleeve that housed ali's original kit
(again, a 'hack' from the WitL Facebook group)

i was trying to calculate how many hours i spent on this project

maybe 2-3 hours for each blog post during the actual week, 
then maybe up to 20 putting the album together.


...and i've just thought of another favourite moment - all the cool friends i've made in the WitL FB Group...


...and here's a link to a 7 minute walk through of the album



Anonymous said...

Wow Sue, this is absolutely stunning!

mandyb said...

Love it...well done you for completing it.

Lou said...

Your pages look great! I love project life, though I haven't worked on mine for a while!