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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week in the Life: Tuesday Words & Photos

what a windy recycling day looks like in Wellington.

if you don't bring your bin in as soon as soon as your rubbish has been collected - look for it in the next suburb...

bottles this week, paper and plastic next...

 spring, anytime you're ready to show your face, i'm here
although our pellet fire is proving to be rather unreliable lately, it's been a fantastic addition to the house since 2008.  all the ambience of an open flame without the hard work of lighting an actual fire.

what breakfast looks like at our house these days
loving the change

8:17 | teenager #1 is up

an email from the squash club
won in 3 sets against a guy more than half his age

open heart surgery be damned!!!

i'm not doing anything.

Tash - i hope you don't need that pattern piece again...

getting myself in the picture
working on monday's photos and words

turns out there are a LOT of stories to tell today...

8:52 | teenager #2 is up
she's on 'earlys' today - meaning she'll work from 11am until 7.30pm
hopefully she'll find out about the 2IC job today...

mercy dash to the supermarket on my way into town

"any sign of THE CHANGE?" my mum asks every time i talk to her on the phone
"No, Mum" i reply.  i even had the blood test to see if it's imminent.  nope.
i felt like i'd failed some kind of important exam. 
i'm 52 already.  c'mon.  i'm ready for THAT next phase too...

wellington food on a plate festival

'pimp my dough' workshop

booked this (and several other sugary treat events) before we eschewed sugar
even as i sat there looking at the basic dough recipe, i was calculating how many teaspoons of sugar would be in it.  50.

but then i figured if you made 50 biscuits there'd be 1 tsp in each cookie and it ain't hidden.
you know where it is.
there were some questions from [i assume] fellow sugar eschewers in the audience and the presenter was ready for them and answered thoughtfully.

bottom line though - a traditional cookie dough is sweet because it has refined sugar in it.

those pre-packs on the edge of the counter were take home gifts
i grabbed the one with all the seeds in it...

i check my phone halfway through the workshop and the family thread has been busy

my quiet achiever - the girl who took herself WAAAAAY out of her comfort zone to work in sales, is now 2IC for her campaign.  after a mere 4 months in the job.

this is what her Team Leader said about her:

"You interviewed really well. 
you're young and still have room to learn and grow.
you're a fast learner
you have maturity beyond your years
you've done so well in your current role
basically you're the perfect employee".

the other interviewer couldn't believe Mikaela is only 18.

*cue chest swelling pride*

4:05 | after making himself 'unavailable' earlier this morning, MOE is now at the Vet
he was far more relaxed than this shot shows, although REALLY, how many cats like the vet?

Alistair was happy to pose for a pic.  he's so compassionate (guess it comes with the territory!)
he always asks after Zoe's cat Stella (who went missing from our house the week Zoe moved to Auckland).

Alistair was also incredibly understanding when we made the painful decision to have Patsy (our 18 year old cat) put down in June.

When i did this project last year we had 4 cats.  now we have 2.
"our boyz" Sid and Moe.  whilst they aren't great mates, Sid would like to be and Moe tolerates a whole lotta butt sniffing from Sid while he's eating.

now THAT'S gotta count for something!

Moe has extremely good teeth for a cat of 7.5 years and gets an A+ on his feline report card

back home, Tash shows me "Stop" and says i'll like it
i haven't had a chance to try it yet... 

5:22 | off to tuesday night netball

YES Tash has a netball game tonight
YES Tash had a netball game last night
YES she played on Saturday too

but you know what?
this is one of the last of the regular season netball games


no, my husband doesn't normally walk like that
he was 'helping' me get the both of them leaving [in the same shot].
i love that my family play along! 

6:13 | i go into Tash's room to pull the curtains, because it'll be dark by the time she gets home and decide to take a picture.

there ARE clean clothes in here.
betcha can't find them...

6:32 | dinner prep

6:57 | watching 'modern family'
such a cleverly written show
the camera remote is getting a hammering this week!

7:30 | FaceTime with my Zoe
seeing how the first day of her new job went and making plans to fly up next week for the night to spend her birthday with her

7:47 | home from netball

they won 42-27

7 deflections
6 intercepts
2 rebounds

...but my baby is NOT WELL AT ALL.

8:08 | Beef Scotch with Smoked Kumara Mash and Bell Pepper and Zucchini Caponata

8:24 | newly appointed 2IC arrives home

she hasn't even got her shoes off and i'm shoving the camera in her face
here Tash is agreeing "she did that to me too"

she begrudgingly poses for this pic, reminded by her dad that "her mother's very proud"

yes i am.

68 photos
23 on my canon 60D
45 on my iPhone 6

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mandyb said...

What a busy day....great news re jobs/promotions... wahoooooo
ps with you on spring sigh!!!!!!