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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week in the Life: Wednesday Words & Photos

these days i'm usually the first one out into the family room

i open up the curtains
unlock the sliding door
start the fire
turn on the coffee machine
..and supposedly feed SID (our ginger cat)

if i go into my scrap room/office and sit down at my computer this doesn't always happen before Clive comes out, at which point Sid will make it known that he's fading away and starvation is imminent!

today i wanted to have a quick look at Ali's Tuesdays Words and Photos and i was immediately drawn into her day - jealously taking in the wonderful summer light in her photos.

i don't usually have a shower when i get up in the morning, because i've had one before i went to bed the night before (after exercise).  i don't see the point in getting in the shower in the morning, when the last thing i did the night before was have one!  

some of my zumba friends have showers BEFORE class - now i think that's just plain weird! 
clearly we don't pay for water

it used to be that i sat at the other end of the counter and watched Clive make my morning coffee, then maybe i'd make myself some toast.

now i make us eggs

i usually have eggs after zumba, but i'm taking my friend to lunch for her birthday today, so there'll be no 'after-zumba' eggs - ergo eggs for breakfast

my wonderful husband is totally rolling with the whole 'no bread' thing and uses my homemade crackers instead as a 'bed for his eggs'

counting out his pills

6 warfarin
1 amlodipine
1 cilazapril

he's never had to take regular medication before and he's blended it into his daily routine really well 

a small price to pay for his brush with death
and when i say 'brush' i mean massive smack upside the head with a giant broom

he tells me that the sun is on its way...

he really is quite the team player

a 'snap' from Katelin in San Jose

her name is spelt KATELIN
we kiwis clip our vowels big time, so for an american 'ear' to hear THREE E's is quite perplexing!
she asks me to not judge her for buying starbucks
it's some new drink: coffee brew or brew coffee
we're big coffee snobs, so if she's drinking it, it can't be all bad!!!

Tash is quite poorly and is staying in bed today
she thinks she got maybe an hour's sleep max and had one of those awful dreams you can't wake up from where she was passing a netball around in an infinite loop.
"we weren't even playing a game mum"
this seems weird, given that her team had an amazing win the night before
you'd think THAT'D be in her head!

i remember to email the school
i'll write about technology and the way we interact with the school another day

i start working on Tuesdays Words and Photos for this blog but don't get it finished
i don't want to rush it, so i leave it, but i DO run myself late.


out i go...

yep - got rather wet running from the car into the hall
although i DID stop and take photos (of course!)

see my water bottle?
because i'm late, i forget to put it on the carpet
ya'know - to mark MY SPOT

so i end up down the back

as the class starts, those in the front turn around and look for me, gesturing (all the while dancing) 'do i want my spot'
no it's fine i gesture back

silver lining? i get to prop my phone on the seat and get some photos of myself during class 

yes my apps are ordered alphabetically in the folder
(as are all my folders)

everyone does that, right?

 zumba debrief

we end up talking about sugar.  again.
i worry i'm dominating the conversation, but we all want to eat healthy and it's just many of the topics we burn through

back home i check on Tash

she's watching "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2"

it's this chicka's birthday today 
i'm so glad she came into my life
she's warm, kind-hearted, sensitive and funny

her personality reminds me of Tash's actually
an introvert hiding in an extrovert's body
people with these types of personalities can easily be misunderstood
just because you SOUND confident, doesn't mean there isn't a 'soft centre' on the inside

i LOVE her laugh
it's one of those laughs that when she initially BURSTS out laughing it almost sounds like a bark.  it immediately gets your attention and you find yourself smiling even though you don't know what's so funny.  you just get caught up and carried along.

we need to get caught up in other people's laughter more often
smile for no reason
it's catchy

i pick up some lemsip on the way home

Tash remembers too late to cancel that her [new] cleaning job is today
thankfully she's feeling a little better, although later she'll tell me she had to "sit down in the bath when i was cleaning it"!

having an 'after school' job is a new thing for Tash
as a rower, she could never hold down a job because training was all encompassing
she's hated not having a job (no money) and was very excited to be recommended for this one

dinner prep.
i'm listening to National Radio - yep i turned into my Dad
when i was growing up, he'd listen to this channel and bring his little transistor radio to the breakfast table.  as a teenager, i could never understand why he listened to a station that didn't play any music!!!

now, i like to listen in the afternoon
i think it's important to keep up with what's going on, especially as i'm not working right now and being at home means (for me), that maybe i'm missing out on the kind of interaction [in a workplace] where i might otherwise discover new things.

Zoe's birthday is next Tuesday and i'm flying up to Auckland for the night.

last minute 'costume' alteration.....
bought it for $5 from the Warehouse and it needs re-hemmming

why you ask?

IT'S 90s week at Boxing and i'm POSH SPICE!!!!! 

love these girls

i don't always box in a dress.....
plus i had to ditch the wig - those things are HOT, and itch like a *itch

Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Tomato, Basil and Olive Sofrito

(it doesn't 'touch the sides')

first day on the job as 2IC wasn't too different as the day before she reports
1 sale today - that's 3 for the week
that puts her behind target and she's hoping for a better day tomorrow

family pic with the selfie stick

69 photos
14 on my canon 60D
55 on my iPhone 6

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mandyb said...

Very cool pics...and yeah im with you on the weather...over it
love the dunsheas pic too...i see some mums i know
great post