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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Week in the Life 2016: Tuesday's Words and Photos

7:17 | a photo from zoe on her walk to work
this is feijoa forest (not albert park) who knew?!

zoe's replacement fitbit arrived yesterday and she finally is back up and running (or should i say stepping!) she'll be lapping me with her step count in no time!

7:17 | don't just stand there. FEED ME!

7:21 | the paper actually made it onto the drive today. wonders will never cease

8:01 | just me. Clive’s taken the bike to work again. Apparently it’s going to rain tomorrow. Katelin hasn’t surfaced yet for her 7am snack (she starts work at 5am). She must have a meeting; and tash doesn’t start work til 11 this morning

8:24 | commuter life.  Today I’m parking the car at ngaio. We can leave the car at any of 3 stations close to our house. The trick is remembering which one! 

8:40 | it’s a quick trip, and the train was almost empty today. Where is everyone?!

8:45 | my walk to work. 1000 steps from my seat on the train to my desk. Did you know that this building (The Beehive) was famously designed on a table napkin back in 1964? It was pretty revolutionary at the time and made for some fairly odd-shaped rooms. 
Fun fact: I worked in this building in the 80s. twice.

10:34 | work life
not working mondays (usually) means a lot of email traffic to catch up on
today i'm organising some catering for a couple of days' time
details. details. details.

11:35 | coffee with sue.  She works at the bank too! In fact she helped me get my job

12:55 | lunch here with this gal. she’s training for an overseas ingress endurance event and totally crushing it.  She’s out stepping me big time!!!

2:24 | if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know how in LOVE I am with my food bag.  We will have had it 3 years in September! Deliveries come on Sunday afternoons, and our most recent delivery fell on mothers’ day.  This voucher came with it. it reads "to redeem, hand to nearest family member"

NB: i did not thrust it into her hand. she offered ;)

4:22 | not having to cook tonight means more blogging time.
that was until blogger spat the dummy, but i was up and running after dinner

5:21 | on the back of the voucher it says "take a picture of someone cooking for you, upload it to Facebook and you could win a plush pamper pack!"


5:38 | poor tash.  the store closed at 5.30 and the person behind that curtain didn't even buy anything!

clive basically walked in the door after work then went straight back out to get tash so she wouldn't be waiting another half hour for the train

6:23 | chorizo tacos with smoked shoestrings and pico de gallo salsa
it did NOT touch the sides

6:28 | yes, we're still watching "friends" reruns
"the one where estelle dies"

9:12 | why am i still watching this??!! total cringe fest

9:30 | katelin's home from hockey practice and goes straight to bed
it's a tough gig getting up before 5am every day, but she makes time for her team
when they heard she was back in nz, they were very quick to make contact!


i took half as many photos today as i did yesterday and that's always the way
monday starts off with a hiss and a roar and then we settle into a groove


6579 steps.
i'll make up for it tomorrow ;)


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mandyb said...

firstly...mmmm wagamamas!!!!
secondly lol on what station to get off
love it