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Monday, May 16, 2016

Week in the Life: Sunday's Words and Photos

katelin was really happy with the new goalie gear, but not so happy that she let in a goal
final score against the indians 1:1

9:37 | the weight of responsibility sits heavily today
a 6.5 hour shift without a break looms, and while this is surely illegal, a strong work ethic means she knows that the buck stops with her

there's a lot to say about this list, but in brief:
at the completion of this list is a house sale and move – from the place we will have lived for 21 years.  One of us is rushing headlong into it, and one of us can’t yet see through to the other side. 
Right now, we’re looking to buy before sell, and I feel like we’re about to discover the reality of buying in a sellers’ market

11:31 | not too many regular sunday zumba goers here today, so it's just me and tas 
the 'before' was blurry, so the sweaty one it is!

1:37 | my friend who was GOING to come to high tea with me is now quite unwell, so katelin willingly steps into the breech.  after hanging out with Tash yesterday, i was hoping to make some time for katelin and i to hang out soon, and here it is!

2:08 | louis sergeant high tea. yes please

i really wanted to take this glass home - it was so delicate! 

tea just tastes nicer out of a cup like this don't you think?

5:07 | then we're off to the movies
i'm not really a blockbuster fan, but the family thought it'd be pretty rude for them all to go and leave me behind!

8:23 | my pimms cup from sweet mother's kitchen
most yummy creole food
i had the crab dip, chicken chipotle quesadilla and curly fries, although ours weren't that curly, i.e. not blog worthy. not even photo worthy!

conversation at dinner tonight after the movie:

me: full disclosure tash: i wrote on my blog that the pile of clothes in your room would extend out past the end of your bed by the end of the week. i went down there today and it does not.
tash: *smirking* - it's almost as if your blog is public.........!!!

we can't decide who the joke's on:

tash thinks the joke's on her because she ended up cleaning her room where ordinarily she wouldn't
i most certainly feel that the joke's on me because i didn't factor in Tash reading my blog and making a liar out of me!!!

9:08 | what happens when the only group photo you take [all week] is late on a sunday night

hey you

9:47 | last photo for the week
a cuppa and a bit of GN

the last of mikaela's photos from london this week
she's secured a bedsit for 2 weeks - in this converted church!
how cool is that?
she's also found the 'social' flat she was looking for and hung out with them today
how terrifying is that clown tho?
not like any mini golf course I'VE ever been to!!!


9118 steps
went out and left my fitbit on the charger...


closing thoughts on the project:

It’s been a fun week, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it
I’m surprised at how well I’ve kept up, especially since I’m working this time around
I LOVED that Mikaela sent me photos throughout the week
I’ve loved recording snippets of conversation
I really hope I can go back and read some of the blog posts posted on the witl page
I look forward to some inspiration from the group for when I come to put my album together
Excited for day in the life in july to see where we all are then; specifically how much further down the track we are towards our house sale

photos not taken:

i intended to sit with a friend at the hospital on thursday, but due to a scheduling mix-up (the hospitals) she wasn't there
tash wasn't able to play netball on saturday, so there'll be no photos of her game
the high tea i had yesterday with katelin was meant to be with my friend donna, but she had come down with a very bad virus
there wasn't the usual crowd at zumba on sunday, so they won't feature in my album this time
watching the rugby after dinner out on saturday night
food bag delivery which was left outside while we were at the movies


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mandyb said...

another great post...and yeah sorry re the room
think the joke is on you!!! ekkkkk

love the look of that high tea too...mmmm