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Friday, December 23, 2016

December Daily: : Days 18 & 19

not sure how it's the 23rd already, but here we are!

i have vowed and declared that i won't be leaving the house after 2 o'clock today once i've picked my parents up from the airport.

no, i really mean it. i've already been to the supermarket 3 times this week...

reason #whatever that we're still in this house -

room for strays/friends of our girls

nora (on the right) moved in on the weekend for a few days before heading home to Michigan for Christmas.

the day before she left us welly turned on a beaut day. it was almost 80 deg F - talk about your contrast.....

a simple page featuring a 3x4 from the heart kit and one of this year's 4x6 digi files that i cropped to a 3x4

i'm absolutely thrashing my RADLAB and have most certainly got my 35% discount worth out of it.

my go-to moves are:

lights on

then maybe

prettizer or luxe soft

monday's PLAN was - well you can read about it below, but you know what they say about the best laid plans...

the '25' is how old meredith is, not the date
and believe me when i tell you, i have TWO of those chipboard stars
- one with 19 on it and one with 25 because i actually confused myself


kinda borrowed from one of ali's pages here
i couldn't get the configuration right for words, b&w and colour pics, 
but in the end i just went with it.

see you back here after Christmas no doubt!

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mandyb said...

oh what fun are on fire!!!