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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

December Daily: Days 20 & 21


silver lining to absolutely APPALLING new year weather 
(where it SUPPOSED to be summer mind !) is guilt-free crafting time!!!

i must say picking this project back up after a couple of weeks at DAY 19, is FAR better than picking it back up after more than a month at DAY 12, which is what happened last year.

these 2 days came together in the album quite quickly, and i'm pretty happy about that.

SO! i cut out the 'december daily' box packaging at the time my goodies arrived, and i'm glad i created the opportunity to use it.
i didn't really need the index tab as you can't really use it to flip the page on account of the 'dd' card being quite heavy. ya really gotta punch those holes in just the right place!

i really wasn't sure which Christmas Light photos to use either
they were pretty impressive to see, but didn't photograph that well
i thought using one this way was a good compromise.

also - this Christmas Cocktail menu may have accidentally 'fallen' into my bag at the bar...
(it's for the good of the craft - which is what i would've said if i'd been caught!)

CHOW is one of our favourite places to eat
the food AND service AND cocktails are always great, 
and we were happy to introduce someone else to its delights

the person who decorated their house in the photo below lit their ENTIRE ROOF!
we all thought that quite inventive, which is why the pic made the cut (if truth be told lol)

eye candy
they tasted pretty good too

a simple layout for day 21 where i was back at my work (after finishing up there 3 days earlier)
i may or may not have invited myself to their Secret Santa Christmas morning tea...

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mandyb said...

looks good
love all the flippable inserts