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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

December Daily: Days 24 and done!!!

done done done, and OMG my album is so full!

i was kinda hoping that i'd put this baby to bed before we headed off to Vietnam, but was trying not to stress if i didn't.

a horribly rainy saturday, and a not too busy sunday gave me the perfect opportunity to finish it off.

i still need to print my 'Thoughts on Christmas' page.
i basically wrote how i threw my toys out of the cot on Christmas Eve.

what can i say - it's an emotional time!

loved using these giant manilla tags

 these tags were almost an after thought, but i'm SO glad i did them and so happy with the way they turned out!  i wasn't sure what sort of 'reception' i'd get from my family, but i should've known they'd be willing.

i asked them to write what their favourite part of Christmas was.

as with most of my scrapbooking endeavours, they accepted the blank tags without question. some wrote freely, some briefly, some struggled a little, but ALL wrote the same thing.


...and i have those precious thoughts, in their OWN hand, forever.

happy sigh...



after the 31st, i included words and photos from my 20 year old in London.
she (like the rest of my family) indulge me and are happy to send me photos and words from where they live. i hope that she'll appreciate the documentation of her first Christmas away from home on the other side of the world.

putting this baby to bed just in time to start documenting Week in the Life - ha!!!

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mandyb said...

oh i love it
well done you