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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week in the Life: Monday's Photos and Words

Take 2 - because i wrote this already but i've somehow lost it!
insert wailing emoji here...

this was our lunchtime view on the way back from the dump
we needed somewhere we could park the car AND trailer and this worked perfectly.

the original plan was to drive back across town, collect the bed we've bought off my friend and eat locally - somewhere i eat around once a week.

i'm a big fan of trying new places or just going somewhere different and i may or may not have cried at the thought of eating local...

during this week we will buy our next home - the first time we've bought in 22 years.
as i was packing up my scrap room i looked through my 2015 and 2016 albums.

this a portion of what i wrote in 2015:

"on september 1st we will have been in this house for 20 years and i'm ready to move on. clive concedes that we will move at some point, but i'm ready now. i think about it all the time, and i know he doesn't want to think about it at all"

then in 2016:

"THE LIST: at the completion of this list is a house sale and move from the place we will have lived for 21 years. one of us is rushing headlong into it, and one of us can't yet see through to the other side"

and that list today (that has been on the wall for a year!)
5 days after having our offer accepted on the new house, this list is over half complete!

documenting week in the life THIS particular week certainly feels like a full circle moment

8:53 | list makers rule
our collective lists would make your eyes water, but this boy loves a deadline
me? i've been planning for this week for well over a year and a half

we've basically got two 4-day weekends to get the house ready for market
talk about focussed!

9:13 | we're pretty much having to reset every room.

that involves moving furniture, vacuuming, cleaning windows, and a LOT of time on my hands and knees lol

1 down, 6 to go

9:55 | all hands on deck. today we'll put 60+ boxes into storage as we ready the house for market next week. we're grateful for the help of katelin and nate

10:20 | tash has been quite the trooper
in the past week she's had to quit her job because they wouldn't grant her leave (after saying they would); her travel buddy has pulled out and we've told her to pack up her entire life!
we also took her over to the new house and made her pick out her room.
she'll leave this house - the only one she's ever known, and return from europe to a totally new one.

10:21 | up in taupo, zoe and callum are having a fun easter weekend with callum's brother and his fiancé

12:09 | teenage girls doing what teenage girls do
simone's popped in to wish tash bon voyage
these two are very excited that they're going to be living a mere 300 metres apart once we move!

1:34 | i posted a pic of my lunch on instagram with the caption "when hormones rule your food choices"
when i'm hormonal i crave fat and it's all Clive could do to sit there and shake his head as i basically inhaled my meal.
nice i can surprise him after 30-something years.
my appetite isn't usually that large and he didn't think i'd finish it!

4:55 | putting my feet up for the first time today and catching up on 'friends'

"the one with two parties"

6:08 | it's finally time! after almost a year since the idea took root, tash is on her way to london. she's coped with the last minute cancellation of her travel buddy.
an unfortunate situation where there are no winners.

6:47 | i posted this pic on instagram and tash commented "i love my fans"

this photo makes me laugh, because it totally looks like her head is on BACKWARDS!!!

8:13 | warm salmon salad - DELISH

NB: this is a food bag for ONE!

8:25 | Darby and Joan. Officially empty-nesters, albeit for 6 weeks
it's been a long time coming, so doesn't feel weird. yet.

9:25 | Catching up on Broadchurch. We're about four weeks behind after being away in south east asia for the past 3 weeks

and that was Monday!

never have i started week in the life like it before, nor will i probably ever again
(never say never though!)


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mandyb said...

great post and this new house is finally happening
all the best for the sale and open homes
and again wahoooooooooo on moving

ps am sure Tash is having a blast!!!!