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Monday, May 1, 2017

Week in the Life: Saturday's Photos and Words

9:04 | i'm sure my daughters will have something to say about 'phones at the table'!
i was no doubt catching up on Tash's latest snap story - she's having an absolute ball in London with Mikaela. today they were meeting my sister for lunch.

a cooked breakfast on a weekend morning has been our routine for a while now.
not sure how it started, but i do love easing into the weekend like this.
yes, i have on occasion gone to a 9am gym class which sets you up fabulously for the day, but i'm as much of a homebody as i am a social creature, and i DO loves me a chilled saturday morning that includes coffee and bacon.

9:06 | working the angles...
i'm thinking i'm glad i like to buy boxes of tissues in bulk...

9:06 | don't even think about it Sid...

9:07 | nek minit...
(does this counter make my butt look big???)

9:26 | the BEFORE shot of the drive.
Clive's going to attack the hedge with a borrowed hedge trimmer today.
i had a tonne of yard work done last May (including this hedge) thinking we wouldn't need to do it again before we sold. ah well...

10:14 | my eye wateringly long to do list
i was a long way into it before i felt like i was making any headway
mostly because it felt so repetitive, but it all needed to be done!

10:46 |  oh look, it's me. cleaning windows. again. still.
FYI: sunshine on what you think are clean windows is soul destroying...

12:15 | i think this might just be one of my favourite photos from the whole week!
having given away most of our lounge suite (and a bed and a desk and a tv) to Clive's niece for her student flat over a year ago, we have one giant lounge room to fill.

enter our wonderful neighbours and dear friends nigel and lynda.
they don't use theirs and i knew they wouldn't mind us borrowing it.
it even matches the paint trim in our lounge!
plus they've decided they just don't need it and i'm going to sell it for them before we leave - ha!

i also borrow several pieces of art and canvas photos to fill the gaps on our walls.
did i mention how much i love our neighbours?

12:45 | hedge trimming in progress

12:45 | meanwhile in Auckland, Zoe's Callum is competing in the World Masters Games

he's seeded 4th in the Mens 30 A Grade, which means he's competing with current Olympic and Commonwealth players

in this photo he's playing an opponent from the British Army

he'll go on to win 3-1.

he'll also compete in teams and doubles matches (one of which i'll get to see!) and go on to win TWO BRONZE MEDALS!!!

1:30 | my date for the afternoon
my dear friend tas's son
i've taken him and his sister to the movies before and i had such a great time with them
sis is at a birthday party, so it's just me and the lil dude
(plus, i really wanted to see the batman lego movie!!!)

what happens when an 8 year old takes your photo ;)

i bought his ticket, he bought my coffee
he coped very well considering they didn't sell popcorn, and seems very happy with his second choice
also - how swag is his haircut?!

4:56 | i need a few fixins' at the supermarket, so we head there on the way home

he was such a great helper!!!

6:26 | back home, Clive has taken a break from lawn mowing and hedge trimming, and has headed in to town to meet Katelin and Nate at HOPSTOCK.

Hopstock is a 'celebration of New Zealand's hop harvest and featured
22 participating Craft Beer Capital Bars

they sampled beers at the Fork and Brewer, Bruhaus then Bin 44

over in London, my girls are having the best time together

Tash is particularly enjoying exploring London's many markets, and seems unusually proud of the fact that she outlasted her sister after a full day, including JUNK YARD GOLF in the evening.


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mandyb said...

oh what a great post
and yes i am with you on clean windows
and sun grrrrrrrr
such an action packed day
and yes Kiaran is a great date...
great kid and yes such a smart haircut