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Monday, May 1, 2017

Week in the Life: Sunday's Photos and Words

8:48 | HE has a list, I have a list, and there's THAT list
jobs are being marked off at a cracking rate of knots
he's been incredible throughout this process, whereas i've been an emotional wreck.

9:17 | let me tell you the story of this crib wall.

on July 24 last year THIS happened

this was one of THREE identical trees that were planted 35 years ago [and never topped] that basically blocked out the sun. ok, that's an exaggeration, but they were all i could see out the window of my scrap room.

during a storm this one came down and took their crib wall (and several metres of our land) with it.
you can't really tell from this pic, but it filled their yard entirely.
if the middle tree (far left of the pic) had been the one to fall, it would've taken the corner of their house with it. doesn't bear thinking about.

they quickly had the 2nd one cut down and i got VERY excited thinking that my view across the valley would soon be clear, only to have my heart broken when the felled 2nd tree simply revealed a giant 3rd one!!!

the neighbour's insurance company told him it would cost $9000 to fix and that he should perhaps talk to his neighbour...

the stump never having been removed, our neighbour has done SOME work on the wall, but 
with a looming house sale deadline, my wonderful husband does in THREE HOURS, what our neighbour hasn't managed to achieve in NINE MONTHS.

9:23 | poor ole Sid is feeling rather confused right now

10:22 | the AFTER shot of the hedge. so neat!

10:22 | 5 down, 2 to go
my temporary scrap room
(this really weirded the girls out when they saw it!)

12:03 | well at least it's not window cleaning!!!

12:06 | there ain't no filter on the PLANET that can make these bad boys look good

1:01 | lunch break

1:05 | oh hey there!
(anything to avoid cleaning windows...)

1:10 | let's hope the weather's like this for our first open home!

1:10 | our weekly food bag delivery
we're loving the food bag for one

4:01 | photos and memory keeping are a way of life for me.
i know an overloaded fridge door has been a source of frustration for my family.
if you pass by too close things fall off
if you place something to close to the edge then open the door, things fall off
- but they indulge me because they know how important it is to me.

we've had this fridge 8 and a half years
we bought it the night before Katelin turned 16
under all these layers are 2 pieces of A4 paper:

one has the typewritten words "enjoy it while it lasts" and under it another piece of paper with a photo of a 7 month old Katelin wrapped in a bath towel. all in printed in purple (my favourite colour) when i strip the door of all the photos and magnets and school timetables and christmas cards and hand-written notes and itineraries and certificates, it'll still be there.

my new fridge is double wide - just like the one we had in the states 
(which is pretty much where this all started...)

*rubs hands together with glee

4:41 | 6 down, 1 to go
a very spartan looking rumpus room feat. four boxes that will eventually go into storage

6:13 | watching Katelin play hockey
they'll win 3-2 against Wainuiomata after being 3-0 up for most of the game
the opposition goalie had a lot of work to do and did so well!

i haven't decided which of these two photos i'll use in my album yet!

7:06 | Clive's whipped up a chicken curry
it's Delish - as are all the meals he cooks

8:32 | 7 down, none to go!
all rooms that need to be reset HAVE been reset!

8:43 | Broadchurch final. i never saw it coming!!!
(i hardly ever do)

8:48 | Sid's totally got the right idea

9:35 | a snap from Katelin. they've been out for dinner.

foiled heart-shaped doves seems like a good a way as any to finish off what's been a mammoth week.
maybe not mammoth in the number of photos i've taken, but i'm so looking forward to bringing them together with the stories behind the ones i have.


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mandyb said...

great post and great work all
hope the first open home went well
and you gets lots of good buyers and offers