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Friday, December 15, 2017

December Daily: Days 7-11

cracking along!

if you're paying close attention, you'll see that i used the pool pic twice (not on purpose lol)
having said that, our air bnb was THE most epic i've stayed at yet!

the 'cheers' tag is just sitting in that sleeve
(ie i didn't tape the bottom of it)

review of the Shakespeare performance my friend and i went to
EPIC! like nothing i've ever seen before - not that i've ever seen a lot of shakespeare

Merchant of Venice - when i was a teenager - coz i had to
don't remember a thing...

really happy i got to use this starbucks bag too

i adhered a 6x8 piece of heavy paper to the back just to give it a little weight.

loving these giant gold tags!
will probably use all 3 in this album

Auckland's pop up globe
the 'groundling' tickets are $5 each!
if you could stand to stand for over 2 hours, it'd be an incredible experience

when we walked out at the end of the night, the girls in front of us were covered in fake blood!

love monday's story

if you're confused by seeing this after all my summer pics, this is my 2nd youngest girl
she'll be home from London for Christmas in 5 sleeps - SO EXCITED!!!!!

yes, i realise the Christmas tree paper is upside down
no, i didn't do it on purpose
i didn't even mean to use that side of the paper - DOH!!!

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mandyb said...

great pages,,,,i am so behind
as my printer has decided to NOT work!!!