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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Week in the Life: Friday's Photos and Words

7:58 am// poor moe. he's having a tough time this week and would really like me to know about it.

8:15am // i can't believe this is only the first time i've been here this week!

went for bananas to make banana egg before the gym, but the bananas were too green, so ended up buying a piece of salmon and frying that up.

of course there were no parks close to the gym!
this is the first rain we've seen in several days actually.

first up Blast (step)
because it's tash's 'weekend' too, she came with me.

Century (yoga-lates) follows Blast

my heart is happy to see these gals
my last contract meant i couldn't get to this classed i hadn't seen these guys for 5 weeks

my centergy class was AWESOME.
some days when you move your body it's like wading through thick mud.

not today. i loved the movement.

the last track of a centergy class is a meditation. the lights are turned out and it's a chance to reconnect. many see this as optional (like a cool down) and leave.

that's fine (even though i don't understand it), but what REALLY irks me, is how long people take to leave once the meditation starts - and don't even get me started on those who talk, and/or get up halfway through and leave!

anyway - today i may have shushed some people...

Generation specialist on the left, and Network on the right

flatmates at uni

best man and groom

8 kids between them

still friends

can also rock a lava lava.

after the gym we went out for brunch

my little list maker (just like her mama)

zoe's is typically long - as you would expect when you move cities and move house.
it's also typical to want to tick everything off as quickly as you can.

crispy bacon - tick
free range eggs - tick
hash browns - tick
hollandaise - tick

not too much wrong with this pic!

it feels like forever (4 days), but i finally got to see Zoe and Callum's new place
they have so much space and storage!

i love it. they love it. stella the cat loves it.

 oh, and so does her youngest sister.
living close-by means theres lot of opportunities to hang out.
it's going to be wonderful having them living so near.

i made a mental note earlier in the week to take a pic of the autumn leaves that i drive past near my house.

the girls actually passed me in their car and were most perplexed to see me walking along the road!

this room hasn't seen much action this week, and i'm not sure it will in the weekend either.

5:05pm // second time today...

tas asked me to buy her some oranges for the kids' football team tomorrow, and truth be told, i needed wine and snacks to take to her house.

it's FRI-YAY!
still getting used to our new spot in tas's house for wine time.
they're in the middle of some MAJOR renovations.
the kitchen is where their son's bedroom used to be, but it leads right out onto that famous deck of hers. roll on summer!

i also got to meet a friend of hers who was visiting from the UK.
it was quite surreal, because in all the time i've known Tas, she hasn't had any visitors from back home. there's also a good chance that i'll see her friend again next year when we visit the UK.

let's hear it for friends and connections.

after dinner Tash and i watched an episode of Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Bye Bye Vixen. Nobody likes your drama.

61% through my book.
i really dropped the ball with reading this year
last year i set myself a goal and pretty much read a book a month
this is only my 2nd book this year.


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mandyb said...

what a great day!!!!
so so busy!!!!
love the autumn shots too
took me a min to guess where you were walking too
but got it now!!!!