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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Week in the Life: Thursday's Photos and Words

7:22am // morning sid. i ain't buying what you're selling (that your life is intolerably hard)
also - cat door immediately to your left [out of shot].

the first thing i did when we moved in here was pull the mint out of the garden.
i brought some cuttings from our old house and planted them in this pot.
it came away with a flourish  [like all mint does], then kinda went all spindly and bare, so i cut it all back and hoped for the best.

yaaaaaay - the best!

this whole 'long black' thing for 2018 is working out really well
i don't think i could ever go back to lattes or flat whites now

mikaela popped up on the family chat feeling very upbeat and encouraged us to share 5 positive things about our day.

without oversharing, here's one of our replies.

what an awesome way to start the day, and because of this type of memory keeping project, even more awesome to look back on

last day of the work week for both of us!

so apparently dillinger's offers seated conversation with their cute maitre d's and waiters now!
it was just the funniest thing. dillinger's honestly has to have THE most international staff.
Roddy (left) is VERY French, and Tim was born in Paris but raised in England, so his accent was a little harder to pick.

instead of standing at the table and taking our orders, they just plonked themselves down and started chatting - read: flirting. well, they're french after all!!!

and what sane woman in her 50s isn't immune to a little flirting from two cute frenchmen?

(*raises hand)

Steph and I worked together last year and we very much get each other.
we share a mutual love of all things organisational and had a fantastic catch up.

today's lunch is the first of our calendar-synced scheduled 7-weekly catch ups ;)

i didn't think i was that hungry, but those delicious sliders (smaller than they look) disappeared right quick.

finally in the driver's seat, but handover week has been a challenge.
that's all i'll say about that - except that i'm looking forward to setting up this desk and getting to work.

the bus ride home tonight had to be one of the most amusing i've ever had.
yesterday i mentioned that the buses i catch run in a loop and i can get on from both sides of the street. that totally works for me, because the bus basically starts and stops at my house. this means that i pay little or NO attention to where they go between home and town.

the 3 routes i choose from actually wend and wind their way around my suburb and the neighbouring one. AGAIN, it matters not to me, but it does to plenty of others!

the ride home at the hands of our lovely female driver was a chorus of "thank yous!" (to pretty much every car who let her in), and "did everybody breath in?" (narrow streets); and "whoopsie! is everyone ok?" (when she had to brake suddenly).

when she got to the top of one street in our neighbouring suburb we went to turn right and instead of left. from there one of the few remaining passengers basically gave her directions "left here, right at the next roundabout", until she herself got off.

long story short: the woman giving directions got off just before me and noted laughing - "it's been like this week all week. I should've been driving!"

the evening was spent at a pub quiz fundraiser

for once i didn't win any raffle prizes (Yvonne (2nd from right) DID however, win 2 of the 3 raffles!)

we finished a creditable 6th

FUN FACT: if you list the 7 deadly sins in alphabetical order, GREED falls in the middle.

yeah, 'light' photo day.


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mandyb said...

cute kitty pic
and oh so funny bus photo/story too