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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

365 catch-up

miss 19 is the poster-child for 8 glasses a day. trouble is, she leaves a trail of empty water bottles around her 'spot' in the lounge. takes 'em out full from the fridge, then leaves a plastic graveyard on the floor once they're empty. drives me NUTS!!!!!
saw 'juno' today.
subtle is the word i would use to describe it. loved it. and yep, i'm well aware that catching a movie at 11am on a weekday IS a luxury. so was the crisp white wine i enjoyed in the sun on the waterfront afterwards. a good day.


Colleen said...

wasn't juno amazing?!?!?! i've seen it twice already and i bought the soundtrack.

so love

Melinda said...

I did not expect to love that movie as much as I did. Can't remember the actress by name, but she was amazing! Sounds like a great afternoon!

scrappysue said...

ellen page i think and yep, the music was very eclectic! my 16 y/o saw it first and i can see why it appealed. just brilliant and allison janney is fabbo too.

Colleen said...

when allison janey goes off on the ultrasound tech i cheered!!

scrappysue said...

me too! i think she is just such a gifted actress, whether u see her face or not! (over the hedge, nemo etc etc etc)