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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Latte love and Stevie's new friend

miss 16 bought herself an amp off trademe (like ebay) to go with stevie (the guitar). it arrived at breakfast time this morning - all bright orange and fluffy it was. she was very happy and immediately woke up the rest of the house testing it.

earlier this week i was in town collecting sponsorship items for our school gala and noticed a sign for $1 lattes at a cafe on the waterfront. on a sunny windless day, it was an offer i simply couldn't refuse.


Melinda said...

mmmmmmm....I would have joined you for that latte if it were not for the continents and oceans in the way!

scrappysue said...

one day melinda - one day! it'll be my shout :)

Colleen said...

score on the latte!

Gemma said...

Hi How are you?
Latte looks good!
Think I'll go have one!

scrappysue said...

hey gemma - i'm great thanks! haven't sent your goodies yet - it's on my to do list!!!