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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day dreaming

remember the 5 things i want to do before i die' list? it included taking a trip on a cruise liner.

this one will do...

isn't she beautiful?

here are some of her 'vital statistics'

  • $NZ676 million to build
  • 90,000 tonnes
  • 1 crew member for every 2 passengers
  • cheapest room (steerage) $NZ359 per night - STILL with choccie on pillow and turn down service. not bad!!!
  • most expensive room - the 'queens grill suite' $NZ4482 per day

  • daily consumption of food and beverage includes:

  • 75kg of coffee
  • 2615 tea bags (remember it's british!!!)
  • 4188 eggs; and
  • 964 bottles of wine (thirsty work all that relaxing)
you north american folks can make your kg to pounds conversions here, and your green backs to kiwi dollars here.

hey mr man! yes, you! can i sneak on board?

i'm very good at washing dishes! AND peeling potatoes!!!

i thought we had a moment there...

one last look (that's our stadium on the right).

aucklanders call it the 'cake tin'. we don't like it when they do that

one day *sigh*...


Melinda said...

I wann go too!!! When do we leave and where do I board?

Anonymous said...

Yeah that was wanna up there ^^^^^