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Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Musings

it's misty and cloudy and windy and generally yucky. kinda fits in well with my standard monday 'house-mouse' day. you know the one - where you tidy up after your entire family trashed it over the weekend and all left again on monday morning. honestly, whoever said 'a woman's work is never done' - understatement of their lifetime!!! hehe

spent a lot of time on this, this morning. i'm on our school gala auction organising committee, so i was on the phone with my happy 'please give us your stuff for free' voice. luckily it went well - yay us. our school made an insame $40+k last year from the gala. send happy thoughts for sunday march 9. oh, and talk to the weather god too plse.


Colleen said...

it's still sunday here. all of a sudden i got a little scared that i was supposed to be at school! LOL

scrappysue said...

sorry to frighten you chick! we are ahead of the rest of the world - spooky huh. hope you're feelin better...

3 Sides of Crazy said...

Go ahead, I love to be linked. This is what OWOH is all about finding new sites, friends and kindred souls. When I read your profile, I was so surprised. I'm 7, Virgo, the year of the rat and live in U.P., USA, but other than that your profile could be mine.

scrappysue said...

nice to meet a kindred spirit! i think you may have missed a 3 or 4 off in front of your 'i'm 7' tho lol