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Sunday, April 20, 2008

at the hop

what a night! we had our 50s moment and it was awesome. i admire people who know how to have a good time. dressing up and being able to laugh at oneself are virtues i appreciate too!

i'm delaying because i can, because i know you're all dying to see the video. i'm so glad and appreciative of your enthusiasm, so without further ado, here are some stills from the other turns, our turn, and from the gathered masses in general.

that's 'our bob' (pronounced 'our-wa') presenting the birthday girl with her cakea couple of audreys (or are they marilyns?)
some cool shoes were on show. the ones on the right belong to my DH

"rock and roll is loud - i can't take it!"

me and my girl "T"!

my DH - he took over 100 photos last night, AND edited them (in picasa) today.

nice work honey!
you deserve a kiss!

oh yeah, some of my best friends are cross-dressers...

i wish i could think of something funny to write here, but i think the photo speaks for itself.

this is the birthday girl's hubby doing his thang
that's all folks! we love you!

when miss 17 saw this shot, she said 'those are some special pants'. these guys are the ORIGINATORS of the 'turn', and they are total pros at it.

that's the birthday girl's sister, neice and BIL. they started doing turns when they emigrated from the UK, and when the birthday girl and her family followed, they joined in the tradition.
there were 6 turns in all. tara and i went 3rd, which was good - we could enjoy most of them without stressing about our own!

but before we knew it, it was our turn...

we totally meant to do that...some saturated fun at the start of the turn
born to hand jive!
oh yeah, that's a 45 year old woman flashing approximately 12 people she hopes she never has to look in the eye ever again!
(check out the 'shock and awe' looks on the faces of the two 'audreys' - priceless)

so, we danced to 'danny and the juniors' "at the hop". a true 50s number. by way of clarification, guessing our song wasn't part of the contest, that was purely conversational.

the contest question is at the end of this post.
and now, for your viewing entertainment (and utter hilarity), our 'turn'...

and now for the giveaway!

the first person to CORRECTLY identify what YEAR 'at the hop' was NUMBER 1 on the American Charts will win this!!! (hint: it was some time in the 1950s).

a funky (and environmentally friendly) envirosack/recyclable shopping bag AND this cute kiwi change purse featuring the map of new zealand (north and south islands). wellington (where i live) is at the bottom of the north island.
thanks for stopping by and sharing the fun we had last night. i look forward to announcing the winner of the comp very soon., and remember, i'm always happy to post ANYWHERE in the world.


Reluctant Housewife said...

Okay, I'm assuming no fair to google this... So I'm going to guess. Very cool prize, so I hope I guess right!

Um... 1952. That might be too early, but it was the year my parents were born - must be lucky, right?

Loved your video & pictures.

Dusty Spider said...

Love the video, well done you! Bet you had fun learning it too. I'll take a guess at 1955. Flick x

Kristi Smith said...

THAT VIDEO IS HYSTERICAL! Love it! I love how you all dress up for parties!!! Too fun! I would have loved to have been there to party with you!!! Great photos. Love your cross-dressing friends. ;)

Lynette van Barrelo said...

That was soooo funny!!! What a crack up! I'll bet your friend would have worn different knickers if she thought she was going to flash everyone at what she had for breakfast! haaah!

Oh... my guess 1951...

Joh said...

Love dress up parties... you two did well. Very entertaining. 45 and you can still remember a whole dance routine. I am in awe of you...

No idea of date. I will say '53.

Melinda said...

Love the video. Looks like you had so much fun. Glad you shared this video-
So there was no wardrobe malfunction- darn and we thought you might do a Janet Jackson!
My guess will be 1957.

Janette said...

I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. What a scream that video is! Fantastic!!! I love it! You girls crack me up. I want to live in NZ and party with you! Looks like such fun times. I think I need to have a summer bash this year and have friends over and they have to dress up. Oh what a ball of fun!

I'm guessing the year 1953. I'm sure I'm wrong but hey I might as well guess. =)

P.S. I finally uploaded my layouts!

Amanda said...

I'm guessing 54... I LOVE the video of you and Tara. You gals really know how to have a good time. Maybe I'll have to do something like that for my big 30 this year. You and Tara are totally invited if I do.

scrappysue said...

thanks for the comments ladies, but keep guessing!!!

melinda said...

So I guess we are all wrong huh? Oh and thank you for getting rid of the evil verification thingy.

Mom of Three said...

Okay, my parents were rabid bobbysoxers, my dad had the full on DA and everything, so I am going to say that the song came out the same year as the Sweetest Chevy Ever Produced, the 1957 with the awesome tail fins. By that time, rock 'n roll had enough time to really take and the Bandstand was in full bloom.

Those wingtips are off the hizzle fo shizzle, LOVE those! But the line of guys? Gave my Full Monty Flashbacks!

Pondside said...

It was released in 1957 and topped the charts in 1958 - I think - not that I remember - well maybe I heard it in my cradle - errrr at the kindergarten!

Pondside said...

Meant to say - that was hilarious! You certainly know how to have fun at your birthday parties! Did a catch up on your recent blogs - the photos of the girls were lovely - we've all had those 'where have the years gone?' thoughts, I'm sure!

scrappysue said...

WE HAVE A WINNER!!! don't want to post again lest i cause confusion over my LATEST giveaway! let's hope you have all checked the 'email follow-up comments' box. if not, i will post in a day or two. we must give credit where it's due - especially if the correct answer comes from living in that particular era!

well done to 'pondside' who answered correctly - see her comments above. also check out her blog and see where she lives - THE ABSOLUTE DEFINITION of idyllic.

pondside - plse email me your snail mail address, and thanks for joining in the fun everyone, AND for the awesome comments!!!

tea and cake said...

Hiya, newbie here.
I love your video, such fun!
My guess is 1957, which is the year of my birth!
cheers, Karen

SaraLynn said... the video and pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh-What-Fun! I have no idea what year At The Hop was number 1...I was born in '73...but, I can guess...I'll say ' I close?

Susan said...

Excellent performance! How fun!

paula clare said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I was exhausted just WATCHING the dance number! I know you find out REAL QUICK how LONG a song actually is when you are dancing to it! I'm afraid I would have needed the EMT's and/or oxygen at the end of my performance! The male comments in the middle of the video were hilarious...WHAT FUN! Somehow missed the contest question...hmmm. Ah well...

Eileen said...

Ohhh, I was too late to see the video! I just know you were born to hand jive! :)