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Saturday, April 19, 2008

saturday randomness and a tease

can't wait to get dressed up tonight! dress rehearsal at tara's this arvy - and i'm 92.7% convinced there's going to be a wardrobe malfunction tonight. for this reason i'm wearing brand spankin' new lacy underwear. no wait, that's not why...who cares - new undies are cool, right?

i mean on a scale of 1 to 10 of cool things, i wouldn't put undies right up there in the top 5, but when matched with a new bra (which they are), they're definitely in the top 10. ESPECIALLY when that new bra is a different size to the old one (and in a good way). ok, too much information.

did your mother ever tell you (when you were getting ready to leave the house) to make sure you were wearing matching underwear? what's with that? i have NEVER, in my approaching 19 years of motherhood, EVER said that to my kids.

i mean, what a waste of time. they don't even wear matching SOX, not that i care. my mother's reasoning behind this was to avoid humiliation at the emergency room when they're cutting my clothes off me after i've been run down after leaving the movie theatre with my girlfriends.

did i mention i'm only 14 when she's asking me this question? but let's face it, there's no hope.

i'm 45 now and she STILL asks me if i have a coat when i'm leaving the house. i say no, she says, what if i rains, i say 'i'll get wet' (which is technically true). i don't know why i feel the need to say technically. it might have something to do with being married to a man of science. (should i have put quotes around 'man of science'?) don't worry, i already did.

so on with tease and the randomness! i should point out the polar fleece is NOT part of the fancy dress. my beehive is COOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! saw this sign on the side of building. way to confuse the punters people!
man, that was some party last night. i feel so drained!

i like to call this one 'organised and legless'. can you even use those two words in a sentence together? i guess this is the girl equivalent of lining up all your matchbox cars

help! i've fallen down (AND lost my feet?)

hey you...yes you! with the spade! can ya dig me out of this mess?
saw this one on our scrappy weekend. you know when you're driving along and that meat pie you were eating got cold...well, this handy dandy microwave, situated conveniently in this 'middle of nowhere' letter box, IS the answer to that luke warm problem.

i call this one 'phiddling with photoshop'

here's the SOTC shot (straight out the camera)
hands up all those who just tilted their heads to the right

this one is filed under 'children are disgusting' - i mean, did they get any spread on the actual SANDWICH???

video's up tomorrow people - wish me luck!


Reluctant Housewife said...

Good luck! Are we supposed to be guessing the song? The beehive gives ideas what it might be...

Angel Gurl said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Hmmm I am taking its a 50's circa song. Whats that Cher song from the movie she was in with Wynona Ryder. Oh its gonna bug me and as soon as I leave a comment I bet it pops into my head. Blogging is addictive, like your take on the No8 dares. Have a fab night.

Tres Chic Boutique said...

Okay so I switch between logins when I comment, so this is still Heather.
Ummmm I am still laughing about the microwave... I think that is hilarious!

Melinda said...

Sue I am still trying to come up with a good guess for the song...maybe Rock Around the Clock, or Rockin Robin or Love Potion #9 Am I even close here?
Do I get Tim Tams if I am right?
That microwave- ha...where do people come up with these things?
What kind of dolls are those with detachable feet- odd.
Have fun and enjoy the new undies!

Dusty Spider said...

Wishing you lots of luck and looking forward to tomorrow's post! Break a leg!! (which means good luck in English theatre language.) Flick x

Susan said...

Good luck, cant wait to hear about it.

scrappysue said...

the party was AWESOME - pictures to upload and video to crunch, but it's coming!

melinda, you were close with your song guess, and those are regular BRATZ dolls i think!

melinda said...

So how close? As they say close only counts in a game of horse shoes, but feel free to send prizes my way ;)

Amanda said...

I was going to guess something from the Supremes. Can't wait to see the video.
Love the dolls and you have a fabulous imagination. "can somebody with a spade dig me out of here?"