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Friday, May 23, 2008


well, he actually doesn't have a name yet, what with 6 people in this house all wanting difference names and no clear majority. we can't even decide on what CONSTITUTES a clear majority, let alone a name for him!

names that have been floated (and no judgement please) include:
  • ash
  • indy
  • benny
  • billy
  • colin
  • nigel
  • shiro (it's apparently japanese for samurai male)
  • chang
  • monty
  • cole

and hurry! as you can see, he may well be loved to death before he even has a name...

in other news,

I WON!!!!!!!!!!! thanks to everyone who voted for me. i have no idea if this dessert exists in the real world, but one can only hope! YUUUUUUUUMMM!

i give you... 'the cone of decadence'

oh yeah - this was my 99th post. stay tuned for the big hundee. grab yourself a large coffee, put the washing on, put the kids on mute, find a comfy seat coz you're in for a long (albeit interesting!) post.


Susan said...

I love the name Colin! What a cutie.
Congrats on the chocolate contest. Sure does look good!

Abbreviated said...

Married to a Colin who spent 1977 in NZ on the south island as a Rotary Exchange student.

I won the chocolate button also !

Congrats !!

Anonymous said...

another cat!!!!! how many is that!!!!!

scrappysue said...

just the 3 lol - we cat people :)

THE MOM BOMB said...

Sarah votes for Monty!

Kristi Smith said...

Of course I would vote for Cole. ;)

Congrats on your chocolate award.

You should be getting your package in the mail soon!!!

scrappysue said...

it came today! thanks so much! love, love, love it. will post pics tomorrow (after the big 100 post!)

Reluctant Housewife said...

I like Nigel. I've always found very proper names for pets delightfully funny.

I'd call him Mr. Whiskers were he mine. Of course, if he was mine I'd be covered in itchy hives - not a good look!

Daryl said...

We call our black cat Gus because he is a little goofy