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Sunday, August 10, 2008

just when you thought it couldn't get any colder snows

and yes, that's my child outside in bare feet, but no need to call child protective services - she brought her bright red toes straight back inside.

we don't see much snow around here (hence the excitement!)

and this is how our weekend weather report reads:
  • saturday morning: NOT raining but netball still cancelled. again. (not sure why).
  • saturday afternoon: rain, hail, sleet and snow. a little bit of sun, but no rainbow.
  • saturday night: freezing temps and more rain.
sunday: brilliant sunshine, so we took advantage and went for a walk. managed to drag miss 10 and tara's miss 11 out with us, but our miss 11 dug her toes in.

refused to come
got angry
dug her toes in some more
...then she cried

honestly. any mother guilt i may have about not spending enough time with my kids? totally wasted.

miss 10 scores a free ride home on her scooter
SUN - my eyes! my eyes!

...and the weekend fun report (and there was plenty)

michelle, tara, kim and i braved the elements for a girls' night on friday. much to the chagrin of my girls, we ate at wagamamas. i accidentally ordered the same thing as last time, but it was just as yummy!!!

after dinner, tara and i went dancing. here tara demonstrates that it IS possible to look hot on the dance floor while wearing thermals your nana would be proud of.

the music was just starting to get good when the opening ceremony started (at midnight), so we hot-footed it home to watch. whatever your opinion on china, their organisational skills cannot be faulted. i lasted til 3am when nz marched in. because there are 13 characters in the mandarin spelling/translation (?), we came in right near the end.

we're enjoying watching the olympics after not really paying much attention last time. we also have a new tv set up in the family room (where the fire is!), so it's much easier to have it playing in the background.

saturday night i went to a local kindergarten fundraiser with scrappy/blogger friend mandy. she's a kindergarten teacher and we were on the teachers' table! did i mention i love quizzes? we finished around 7th or 8th in a field of 20. i won a couple of silent auctions and had a great time. i also discovered that the harlem globetrotters used to be called 'the savoy five'. i totally guessed the answer and was right!

happy monday!


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

your girls night out sounds fun
as does your kindy thing :)

My fil rang to tell us about the snow
in Bayview in the weekend

Mandyb said...

glad you had a good time - as my e-mail that I sent you says... we made quite a good profit... YAH

auntiegwen said...

Wow, us women rock, don't we ?

You can't beat a good night out with your girlfriends !

Colleen said...

weird. snow...
i forget that your seasons are opposite ours

Amanda said...

Fun weekend. I never see snow so I think I would be just as excited.

I tried the cupcakes and I am fighting the urge to go back and eat three more.

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

It has been cooler here this week -- in the high 80s. Snow??? That's wild

Trish said...

Hearing about the snow in NZ is making me dread winter here in the states. We see a LOT snow and icy temps where I live. Snow isn't fun when you get a ton of it all the time and there isn't a mountain in sight to ski.

Daryl said...

Snow ... your seasons are backwards ... and maybe ours are too .. last nite it was COLD ... down into the low 60s .. but being NYC AND August its not going to stay cold or even cool for long .. heat is ramping up .. not to worry by October it'll be a lot cooler ... again


gigi said...

I wish we could have a little snow! It would be a wonderful thing.

Amanda brought me one of those amazing cup cakes!!! It was soooo good! I'm going to make them this weekend for my youth group!

Melinda said...

but if it is going to be cold isn't snow prettier than rain?
Do you not like the snow? I LOVE it.
Stay warm!

scrappysue said...

daryl - i'm HOPING for a little warmth when i get there - i'm sick of this winter weather! the world is backwards lol - that whole northern/southern hemisphere thing. the depressing thing for us tho, is that when u guys are snowed under in december, we could STILL be having avearage weather!!!