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Monday, March 29, 2010

our wonderful weekend part 2

saturday we did housework!

this is in fact an unusual occurrence, as we have had cleaners for several years. those years where i was too busy having babies and too tired to clean or care - we were blessed to be able to afford to have someone do it for us.

i must say it was a lot of fun using the ole' elbow grease, and the girls did an immaculate job of cleaning the inside of this car.   i really didn't want miss 20 to get in it, coz i know she's just gonna mess it up good all over again!

saturday afternoon i sat down to watch a dr phil on kids and money, and an oprah on the law of attraction. miss 13 was on the floor drawing, but eventually she became quite engrossed, and it made for some wonderful conversation later in the afternoon.

after seeing martha, cheryl, louise and oprah, miss 13 and i were inspired to make our own VISION BOARDS. it was just wonderful.

i used photos, old oprah magazines and google images. i initially was drawn to WORDS, then added images later. i tried to not over think it (something i'm always guilty of!) and cut out words and images that appealed. we worked quickly, quietly and separately and i just love the way it all came together.

i love miss 13's interpretations and i'm REALLY happy with my own. i've since added a few other images and know that i will continue to do so.

i realised too late (after i'd glued them down), that i've given mel a giant pair of TOONIE BOOBIES!
that's her next to the canadian flag (click to make the pic bigger)

if you want quick lesson on canadian currency, click here.

the way i was crouching made for the 'crushed boob' shot, so i covered myself with these lovely green butterflies!!!

yeah - we had some help, well - relaxed supervision if you will...

later on we stayed in and watched another movie...this one:

(we need to get FotB 2 in the school holidays!)

stay tuned for part 3 where the hubs and i head out of town for the night to a FABULOUS cliff-top resort for a family wedding!!!


Janine said...

visions boards are cool, I did two a few months earlier and both are up on the wall. They both serve two differen't purposes. Glad you and Miss 13 were inspired to give this a go. So I read part three of your weekend earlier tonight then lol........

cat said...

Great boards and great day.

Elizabeth said...

I would never have noticed your crushed boobie butterflies if you hadn't pointed it out! ;)

Reluctant Housewife said...

What does it say about me that being given toonie boobies on your blog makes me feel totally famous?

thanks for the shout out!

Love the spirit boards - so much fun.