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Friday, March 4, 2011

photostory friday and the aussie weekender

i responded to a post that lolli wrote recently, when she spoke about the long flight from the west coast to the east coast.

i replied that i could fly to AUSTRALIA AND BACK in the same time!

i am certainly grateful that my although my best friend moved away (to another country), that it's only a 3 hour flight, and i can take a 4-day weekend a couple of times a year to see her.

on this trip, i took miss 19 with me, as tara's son (mr 8) had always had a soft spot for miss 19.  they hadn't seen each other for a year, and sure were pleased to see each other .

they hung out

she tied his laces

walked him to school

(adjusting his backpack so it won't hurt is back)

and even played pokemon with him
(not a stretch for miss 19 as she's always loved all things pokemon and DBZ and still has lots of the playing cards!)

the weather was hot.  close to 100 deg F hot

thank heavens for the beaches!

surf beaches

snorkelling beaches

beaches to eat brekky on

beaches to pose on


and beaches to run on

the best thing about this trip, is that i knew exactly when i'd be back!

tara's having a birthday bash mid-year and i've just booked my tickets


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Michelle said...

Great photos Sue!

Janine said...

ahhhhhh so nice to look at sun and surf on this wonderful Wellington and autumnal day. Very cool how you will be going back and like you said its only a 3 hours trip.....freaky when you think it takes that long to get to the south island on the ferry.

Cecily R said...

You are a traveling FOOL and I am so flipping jealous!!

Great shots of a great time. I love that!

Chris said...

Now, you're just showing off.... :)

How are you guys down there? Were you affected at all by the earthquake a couple of weeks ago?

Oh, and what does fair dinkum mean? :)

Life with Kaishon said...

Everything about that seems like so much fun! : )
i am so excited you are going back again!

mandyb said...

YAH for another trip to look forward too!!! wahooooooo

cat said...

Now my BFF is moving to Oz and unfortunately for me its a hugely long flight and a lot of money and not just 3 hours. You lucky duck.

SarahinSC said...

Wow! Looks like a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Fun traveling! Especially when it involves seeing a Best friend! :)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful, I think its so awesome when I see friendship beat all the barriers of time zones and travel to stay in touch. And of course the photo memories are fabulous. Sounds like a fun trip, Australia is gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic! The warmth and the water and your being with your bestie!

Anonymous said...

love the last one!!! great shot!