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Friday, May 27, 2011

photostory friday: we LOVES to dress up

if you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that we does love ourselves a good fancy dress party.

this month we've been to not ONE, but TWO fancy dress 50ths

it seems that birthday parties that end with a ZERO are the flavour of the moment (the moment being the past few years!) for us

there was a time when we went to a lot of 40ths

i don't ever remember going to any 30ths though

maye we were all busy havin' babies and chasing around after kids

or maybe we felt we hadn't lived enough to celebrate a birthday with a ZERO on the end of it yet

maybe it took until we were 40 to get comfortable enough with ourselves to embrace the idea that it's OK to celebrate YOU - at any age!

personally, i can't WAIT to turn 50 and celebrate

my friends think i'm mad - and i'm ok with that!

in the meantime however, i am MORE THAN HAPPY to help others celebrate THEIR 50thsssss

first up - chris's RED 50th birthday.  red because HIS mother had a red party when SHE was 50

me being me, i totally embraced the red
i even wrapped chris's present in red paper with red ribbon and put it in a red bag (along with a red card)
OCD much???

if you're my facebook friend and know my last name, you'll know why this picture is apt

the birthday boy

our friends and long-time neighbours

the birthday boy's niece and son and daughter

'twas a sea of red!

my friend 'chatty', had just go back from the UK
(right after the royal wedding...)

then last weekend 3 of my friends from our local community got together to celebrate THEIR 50th birthdays

the theme was


 because i couldn't stand the thought of another scratchy wig, i bought this 6 year old girl's school uniform from a thrift store for $1 - took it apart and put it back together

and went as MY OWN FAVOURITE 60s ICON!!!

notice anything about my scrappy's - sorry, the CRIMSON AVENGER'S outfit?

(very clever recycling i thought!)   

my friend's son leading the way with YMCA
(which yes, i realise, wasn't from the 60s, but always a party favourite!)
the birthday girls


the photo booth
these are so popular now!

this swimsuit actually belonged to HER mother in the 60s, and if i could rock it like she totally did, then i'd wear it too - wahoo ali!!!
(she went as Miss New Zealand just in case you were wondering - AND she made the sash too!)

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Sherin de Souza said...

I love reading your blog! You lead such a 'colourful' life and I'm so happy to be a small part of it. LOL. Go Sue!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Your friends are so much fun. Oh my goodness. And your red outfit is killer! And so is your costume. Were you Madeline? I love the fun you have : ) You make every moment count. Awesome.

mandyb said...

i LOVE that you LOVE dress up parties for your future party....just give us enough warning to be AS creative as YOU are!!! wahooooooooo

cat said...

Oh gosh, you guys looked fantastic. And that photo booth decor is stunning.

theUngourmet said...

You guys have so much fun! Your costumes are so creative. Loved to flying nun too!