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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

wordful wednesday and blowing the trumpet less blown

as women we are very quick to point out our flaws

we look in the mirror and immediately see, even seek out the 'bits' we like the least and the parts we'd like to change the most

if you don't do that, then YAY - i celebrate you

as i celebrate my own self

i have discovered [in my 40s], an acceptance of myself that i've had at no other time in my life

i can only imagine (hope and look forward to) this acceptance continuing to grow into my 50s
(which is only a little over a year away!)

i didn't know my husband took this photo
he was using the telefoto lens to photograph miss 13 during her rowing regatta, where without it, they would have been mere specs on the river/water

i was so happy to see this picture appear in our photo library when i uploaded the weekend's photos this morning, and i love my husband even more for photographing me in such a flattering light

my slim legs
my round butt
my nice shoulders
my zumba biceps

what do YOU love about your body?

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mandyb said...

hee hee i LOVE this pic
and yah him for capturing it!!!

as for what i like about me....ummmmmmm will get back to you!!!

thanks for having us over on sunday!!! was a blast!!!!

Karen and Gerard said...

I like that it still works without pain . . . usually anyhow. (age 57)

Carmel said...

Good for you!