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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

how 2012 is keeping me on my toes

at this time every year, we'd normally be doing this

but for the first time in 10 years - we didn't.

we went here instead!


and it was gooooooood

because this child was going to be doing this

for 9 days (leaving on her birthday)

we had her birthday 3 days earlier

man overboard!!!

this was taken on her ACTUAL birthday
(at 6.50AM!!!!)

waiting to leave for summer rowing camp

 not camping has given us the opportunity to lots of different things in and around wellington that we wouldn't normally do

like winery days

and going to the RACES!

ok - we haven't actually BEEN yet, but come saturday - i'll be wearing this!!!

my first fascinator!  very exciting

oh, and this child is leaving home in 3 weeks

personally i think she's a little YOUNG to be leaving home, but that's how she looked to me yesterday, but then i blinked and...

she grew up

damn her

so she's moving out:

the younger 2 girls start their 2nd and 3rd years at college (high school)

there's major room swaps happening

furniture being purchased

carpets being cleaned

rooms being painted

trips to australia (me and miss 22)

weekends away

plus all the usual stuff that fills our weeks and weekends

like i said

2012 is keeping me on my toes


Heather said...

I know, it has been AGES since I posted on your blog! I have been so blog lazy. Anywho, looks so fun! I am dreaming of somewhere tropical, right now! I love reading about you and your family, hope you are enjoying your warm season! :)

mandyb said...

wowsa you have no time for work!! lol!!!
and wow K is moving out!!! full on....your house will be so quiet!!!

enjoy oz...katy told me today you are meeting her for lunch in feb!!! hahahaha cool!!!

Michelle said...

The resort is looking a little more fab than the camping experience! Such gorgeous shots.

I can't imagine my girls moving out. Time really does go by in the blink of an eye doesn't it?

cat said...

Oh my yes, super busy! And that holiday looks fantastic and island-ish. Where were you guys?

angie said...

PS I LOVE THIS LAST picture of you and daughter number one so much!

scrappysue said...

that's actually daughter #2 but that's ok angie - i have lots of daughters and it's easy to get confused!!! thx tho :)