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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

a wicked weekend in auckland

i was seriously happy that i got to see WICKED even once - on BROADWAY no less!

...AND i got to meet the lovely blogger lolli.

we had pretty good seats and i had a wonderful day with my virtual-cum-actual friend!

fast forward 5 years and my mum expressed an interest in seeing the show in auckland - and splitting the ticket cost with my dad made for the perfect birthday gift!

i loved the 'interactivity' banner hanging in the entrance to the theatre AND the photobooth-type backdrop upstairs

we were so close i could read every word on the map!

we were THREE rows from the front.  so close we could see the microphone 'buds' poking out from the hairline of the performers.

i even picked up a couple more pieces of storyline that i missed from the first performance.

i didn't realise that when alfie puts a spell on nessa's shoes [to enable her to walk unaided], that THEY become dorothy's red slippers (which she stole!!!!)

i also hadn't realised that madame morrible's 'specialty' was weather, and that she was responsible for the tornado which caused dorothy's house to land on and kill nessa.

the australia/new zealand cast and overall performance was on a par (maybe even better!) than the broadway version.  the two female leads were impeccably cast.

after the show my mum wanted to have a little flutter at the sky city casino

while SHE didn't have any luck - her daughter did!

during the course of the weekend, i succumbed to the giraffe riddle
i'm sure you've heard of it. 

NB: i hate riddles
(so does grumpy cat apparently)

on sunday we wandered around the newmarket shops and had lunch at this cool place
the outdoor tables were all painted with blackboard paint so you could doodle while you waited for your meal!

my mum thought this lovely lady was a recording - she hand't realised she was singing live!

not sure why this trees leaves are red when it's SPRING here - but i loved the colour nonetheless.

WICKED plays at the CIVIC in auckland until november 24

if you plan to see it - do so quick - you won't regret it!

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mandyb said...

what a fun weekend!!!!
as for the giraffe riddle...have you seen this... (not sure what you said!!!)