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Saturday, November 2, 2013

photo story friday: day in the life: october

this particular day in the life was a challenge.

it was a challenge because i chose a day that was largely without a plan
a day without lots of photos and photo opportunities

it's a strange thing when you spend the day BEING,  instead of documenting.

i only took 42 photos today and 11 of those were taken at zumba in the evening

a large part of the day was spent with my dear friend katrina, and if you're reading this blog, you'll know that she's in no place to be a photographic feature in my day in the life.

although today's day in the life was unlike many of its predecessors, it had much in common with them:


and of course zumba!


so here's my day:

mr scrappy making my morning coffee

a smiling happy teen first thing in the morning?

my standard mirror shot before leaving the house 

 friends gathered in support

 yeeeeah, so i wasn't instantly transported to jacksonville for a michael buble concert, but my gal pal amanda most certainly was!  i took a screen shot of her fb update, because i want to be able to present her with a matching one when I see him for myself next year!!!!

190 sleeps and counting - WOOHOO!!!

i took katrina out to run some errands

halloween costumes and candy were on the list 

had a catch up with a friend

then sentao - or SUPER SENTAO as we like to call it now!!!

then dinner!
pork meatballs and asian salad - nom nom

it's been said before and i'll say it again - i'm so grateful for my wonderful ordinary life.

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RaD said...

Often the ordinary days are the most extraordinary ones and too often overlooked. A great capture and glimpse into your daily life!

...melody... said...

Way to go on capturing your day! The ordinary days are usually the best! :)

mandyb said...

great post!!!!