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Monday, November 11, 2013

want, need, wear, read: the 4-gift, less-fuss christmas gift-giving philosophy

 i think i first read about this through my bloggy friend nik at whimsy love (and of course she in turn had been inspired by someone else)

that was back in 2010 and in 2013 i'm so excited to FINALLY do this!

i AM working on a less than 50% positive feedback majority [from my family]:
my eldest (24) thinks it's a great idea, and my 22nd year old's best friend got very excited when i mentioned it to her, so i'm running with it.

SO:  like 'snakes on a plane' - this idea is fair self-explanatory

if you google want*need*wear*read you'll find any number of stories, blog posts, images and printables.  the first i happened upon just now was from the organised nest.  her blog also had this really cool printable that i'll be using (even though our entire family uses the reminders app on our iPhones) - but still, it's cute right and it's visual and it'll hopefully get the remaining 50% of my children onboard.

meredith - if you're reading this, i already have all your gifts.

YES i know we only discussed it for the first time THIS MORNING in the car on the way to work: 

so - who's with me?

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