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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

wordful wednesday and the food bag phenomenon

back in september we jumped on the 'bandwagon' that is my food bag

my food bag is the brainchild of an ex-corporate executive and a previous new zealand master chef

every sunday night 3 brown bags (2 of which are FULL of fresh vegetables) are delivered to my kitchen counter.

free range


with recipes

all for less than $10 per head per meal

that's for 4 people for 5 nights a week
(although we've made it stretch to 6 and most nights it feeds 5)

why did no-one think of this sooner?

it's frikking brilliant.  full stop.

here's just a SAMPLING of our 'fare' from the past few weeks

chicken metballs

prawn and me goreng noodles 

 salmon fillet.  oh the salmon...

 lamb kebabs

and the duck.  who can forget the duck?
i'd never cooked it before.  sooooo good 

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mandyb said...

i tell ya
im happy each night when i see your pics in IG or FB!!!

angie said...

Amazing. And Brilliant and the dinners looks so delicious.