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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Some scrapbooking layouts to share

it occurs to me i haven't shared any of the 'traditional' scrapbooking layouts i've completed in recent times.

i'm a new convert to project life, and spend a lot of time working on that, but my first love will always be 12x12 layouts.

we've had a couple of family birthdays which has included our tradition of birthday interviews and 'favourite things' interviews.

i love these so much!

i've also been attending layout classes at a local scrapbooking store
their kits are generous and the pages are vibrant and fun.

this was melissa's kennedy's class at autumn escape
a photo from my youngest's birthday in january this year

melissa designs (i think?) for kaisercraft and the kits that came with the class were DIVINE!
so much product and heaps leftover for PL pages!

my 2014 MEME
i belong to a virtual and actual scrapbooking email group (that celebrates its 10th anniversary next month!) and Kris - our lovely leader, sends a set of 4 questions EVERY.DAY, and a MEME at the start of every year.

i think this is my 4th or 5th [annual] layout of my MEME responses 

my youngest on her 17th birthday 
our waterfront is a great place to take photos

...and her favourite things interview

 this layout used a CRAZY MONDAY kit and was for an online challenge on international scrapbooking day (from memory)
kinda fun doing your own thing at home, but feeling like you're part of a global community

this was a class run by Sharlene Meyer
the one on the left was used straight away - i bought my friend some gorgeous gold earrings for her 50th and they fitted beautifully inside that bag
i made a tag so that she could take it off and recycle the bag!

these next 6 pages are from layout classes run by Scrapbook Central in Petone
love the colours and the kits are always fun and full of product

the colours of this kit couldn't have gone better with my dress if i'd designed the papers myself!!!

i love that i had so many great photos of the two of us to choose from for this layout


how current is this?
her birthday wasn't even a month ago
(feeling pretty happy about that!)

and her favourite things interview

this album was a Teresa Collins class at Autumn Escape in April of this year

i never quite adjusted to the fact that convention or crop event classes are in reality 'concept' classes, and that you shouldn't have any expectation that the project will be completed within the class itself.

i'm always a little disappointed though (can't help it!) because i get home and it goes into the "UFO" pile (unfinished object!)

in this case though, when i got a whole bunch of correctly oriented photos printed from our 30th wedding anniversary trip from only 6 months before, i was really motivated to finish it, and i got into a total groove and completed an album i was REALLY happy with.

...and here it is!

the kit was from her very new 'wanderlust' collection

pretty cool huh?

can't believe it's been a year since we were on that trip
such amazing memories, and i'm already planning our 35th wedding anniversary trip!

this is the album i started for mikaela on her 12th birthday
i wanted to take her out somewhere - just the two of us, and we went to a coffee roastery in town for breakfast.  after that, i took her to school.

the following year i took her to another location of the same coffee franchise (MOJO)
it was that time we got 'table 13' on her 13th birthday

it was after her 16th birthday, that i decided to put this album together
the 'pages' are giant tags and the album's secured with a ring, so i can easily add to it every year

...and this was our 8th year
and our last for a while, as she'll be in London on her 20th birthday

(maybe i could bring her a 'to go' cup?!)

back in 2005 when zoe (now 26) was 16, i interviewed her.

i've seen pre-school and pre-teen versions, and while i wish i'd discovered the idea 20 years ago, it is what it is, and i've loved interviewing my girls on their 16th and 18th birthdays.

i've tweaked the questions over the years, and added a 'favourite things' interview on their 17th and 19th birthdays (for the younger 2).

last year Zoe turned 25 and it occurred to me, that as a fully fledged grown up, it'd be cool to interview her again.

so i did.

at 16, if Zoe won a million dollars, this is what she said she'd do:

- go shopping, buy a car
- i should say invest it, but i'm not going to!
- get my driver's licence, take a family holiday
- i should say donate to charity, but i don't think a lot of people would
- shave off all my hair and get a wig (no, i wouldn't but it's a good idea!)

(Zoe has a mane of THICK dark hair and at 16 she hadn't learned to love it just yet)

at 18, there was a little room for extravagance, but mostly her answers reflected her current status:

- NOT get a student loan
- pay for university straight away
get a car, but not a fancy one because i'm not up myself
put it away in a bank until i turn 25, unless i wanted it in which case they would have to give it to me because it's my money
-go overseas

and the same question at 25 years of age:

quit my job, get out of the flat lease and travel

each time i interview the girls i'm taken aback at how mature they are.  obviously there were some humorous answers.  at 16, one of Zoe's pet peeves was 'overly happyy sales people' which can only be filed under 'foreshadowing' as she went on to become a happy sales person!

...and the one constant - travel.
maybe it's because we live on a little island at the bottom of the world, but most kiwis would travel if they the money.  i know i would!!!

over the years, the 'the one thing i wish i'd done differently yesterday' question has thrown up some interesting answers:

'not mixed fanta in my subway drink coz it went all watery and tasted gross'
'more graphics'
'not goofed off in graphics'
'put the lemon tarts in the fridge so the bases didn't go soft'
'my paper run, because then i wouldn't have had to do it today'
'seen my friends.  not eaten so much dinner'
'drunk more water.  i was a bit hungover...'

ah, regret

...and that is why i do what i do...

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