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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Day in the Life: Tuesday March 29, 2016

in the interests of getting this blog post up, i haven't edited any of my photos from yesterday.

i ended up with 72 in aperture, including one lone image taken with my DSLR
an iPhone 6 camera really does the job very well!

once again, i was really looking forward to this project. within the past year ali edwards has created Facebook groups for her major projects, and these communities simply make the project and the process that much more supportive and fun.

prior to yesterday i revisited Day in the Life [May] 2015 to see just how much had changed
(and stayed the same):

2 less cats
2 less kids
new job
new job
new job
new job!

(that's 4 out of the 6 of us with new jobs, not one of us that's exceedingly excited about one new job!)

i think one of the biggest surprises to me about this phase in our lives, is just how much is constantly changing 

with 2 of us needing the bathroom every morning now, we set the alarm a little early (it used to be 7am). it actually went off at 6:45, but whoever gets up when they hear their alarm?!

6:59 | he'd be the first to complain if you accidentally stood on him, but SID is taking his chances with getting my attention.  he's obviously been let in or stayed in overnight, or shock horror - used the cat door! (we usually let him our bedroom window when we get up). we're well trained humans...

7:27 | oh how my family indulge me in my memory keeping projects
 - AND like to add their own 'value'!

7:32 | it's barely light. in a week's time it'll be dark (we're 'falling back') - and boom - instant winter.  well, that's how we all feel!  even though the temperatures have dropped, it's still warm enough for bare legs and jandals (i switch into heels just before i hit the office)

7:37 | home-made grain free granola, the last of the summer fresh blueberries, banana, cream and KEFIR tummy love pourable [blueberry] yoghurt.

since Day in the Life 2015, we've gone bread and sugar free

8:10 | Katelin's 1 year post-grad visa ran out and she's back home. who knows for how long.  for now though, this is her office.  she works from 5am (parallel USA business hours)
it's an adjustment - for everyone! having lived the past year in SoCal, she's feeling the cold, and already has had the heater on for a week or two.

8:25 | we park the car at a nearby station and catch the train. it's pretty quick and painless and i can pick up the car when i finish work and run errands before heading home for the afternoon

8:49 | this is where i work! super close to the railway station and great views from every window

12:46 | hey look - i'm an 'office doris!'
4 hours goes fast and i'm almost done for the day

12:48 | yeah, i'm pretty sure the time in these lifts is wrong
they're taking a bit of getting used too as well
there are no buttons! you use your swipe card to select the floor you need (outside) and a nice lady with an american accent tells you what 'car' to get into!

12:49 | The Beehive and Houses of Parliament
The PM's office is at the top
i love how (mostly) accessible our politicians are

12:51 | i love that we still have the freedom to enter Parliament grounds AND to protest.
these people are from "Choose Clean Water. They had collected 12,000 signatures in opposition to the Government's water standard and presented them to Parliament.

12:57 | catching the 1:02 home today

1:06 | a great view to start the quick trip home

1:46 | why is it you only ever need 6 things at the supermarket,
but they're things you REALLY have to get that day?!

2:09 | after donating lots of furniture to my niece's student flat, a couple of our rooms are looking rather bare. they did us a favour though, as we'll have to give away so much more before we move.
this room is getting a new resident though, with mikaela's friend moving in while she looks for a flat.

today i'm washing the curtains. those plastic hook things are a pain in the bum tho, aren't they?

2:36 | lunch in the sun
it's warm enough. just.

3:43 | i rescheduled my 3 monthly melanoma check and got a cancellation today
i've been feeling paranoid after all that sun i got in fiji so wanted my surgeon to 'go over me' with a fine tooth comb.
he did and i'm fine.
he told me off of getting too much sun, and i agreed with him...

4:08 | petrol prices. always changing. $1.86 - could be worse

4:40 | "my frank! that i bought with my very own money!"
this girl is loving her new job AND finally having her own money

5:00 | a snap from zoe who lives in auckland city.
she walks 7km to and from her job every day.
her new job is slightly closer to her apartment but will still give her an awesome daily workout

6:14 | this is me. at 53.

6:38 |  these 2 crack me up.  they share a love of whiskey and get on like a house on fire

i'm new to the taste sensation that is vietnamese cuisine and order the BANH TAM - mixed grill of pork, crispy spring rolls and lemongrass beef.

everyone at the table has food envy. I'm just glad that it's not me
ain't nuthin' worse than food envy!

7:52 | my dear friend Christine. we love and get each other's collective weirdness

8:52 | i do NOT, repeat do NOT watch THE BACHELOR
it's just AWFUL, but tash is watching it when we get home, and it'd be rude to turn off the tv, so we suffer through it then watch friends - "the one with rachel's phone number"

9:45 | after being unwell last week i'm taking extra care to look after myself
this includes very early nights! well, early for us.

...and that was my Day in the Life!
minus a few photos from camera shy girls, but they'll make the album ;)

hopefully i'll get some time this weekend to start putting my album together. i've got the cutest 4x4 album that i bought in the states last year that i can't wait to use. i even did a whole lotta prep with 'facing pages' and digital stamps and images ready to slip into the page protectors.

doing my best to set myself up for success lol.

the album will include "other voices", i.e. my girls not living at home.
they're so good at sending me photos and stories from their day which all makes us "us" as ali says.


Kelly said...

Nice job Sue. Always enjoy seeing your day on the blog :)

Charlotte said...

I love your day! Can I come and live with you in NZ please? It looks amazing. I love your view from the train! Also fascinating to see the Parliament building too as I work for the UK parliament.

mandyb said...

great post....and yeah i am with you on the curtain clips...blah!!!
cant wait to see your album

cat said...

I love your day - and this project. And wish you posted more regularly ike you used to

Carol said...

You must enjoy your afternoons at home... that's still on my wish list as far as work goes. Your daughter Zoe certainly must be fit as that's a long walk to and from work each day! I'm afraid to say that I do watch the Bachelor along with two of my daughters - although of course we don't take it seriously and my girls are acutely aware of the sexism involved..