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Friday, April 8, 2016

Day in the Life: Album complete

it's done! it's done!

actually, i was slowed down by the fact that i had to order more 4x4 page protectors

either way, really happy with the timely completion of this

in the past (2013, when ali did Day in the Life every month) i've used 8.5 x 11 digital templates and added them to a ring binder. that's worked really well, because no matter the frequency of the project, i can just keep adding to the album.

this is a stand alone and that's fine.  it was quick and easy (helped by the prep i did - having 4x4 files/fillers/blank pages ready to go)

i set myself up for success - HA!!!

Ali plans to do Day in the Life several times this year, and next time i think i'll simply add it to my Project Life.

so, without further ado - here is my poorly photographed day in the life in this cute little 4x4 album!

note to self: date that spine tab...

note to self: write on that card on the left... 

the page protector pack came with 3 2x2 pages, so i took a leaf out of ali's book and cut a couple of them down to create index tab type turner things

a snapshot of where everyone in the family is in their lives right now.
FIVE OUT OF THE SIX OF US are doing completely different things to the last time i did Day in the Life (May 2015)

which is why we do what we do... 

here's how i used the 3rd 2x2 pp
that rolling time stamp is fun!

yes, there is a photo to the left of this filler card, but the camera shy subjects asked for it not to be put on social media.  so i didn't.

as you can see, i used a combo of digital stamps and physical embellishments
this is pretty much my style. i like the tactile effect of physical product, and i LOVE ali's digital stamps. i have quite the collection now!

so there you go!

now, if only i could get my DECEMBER DAILY done...

Roll on Week in the Life: May 9 - can't wait!!!


Carol Labuski said...

Love it! Great job! I also used a 4x4 mini album this time and only have one more page of journaling to do then I'll be done, too! Thanks for sharing yours!

mandyb said...

looks fabulous in person too xxxx

Amy Vanden brink said...

This looks great. I love how you added the time across the bottom of the cards. That is such a great idea for the 2x2 pages, there are always too many squares for me, that would help limit it!