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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

December Daily 2015: DONE! DONE! DONE!

When my blog post from March 20, 2015 showing my completed 2014 December Daily album came up in my Facebook memories last month, i have to say i felt pretty dejected.

sure, if i hadn't gone to fiji for 10 days i may have completed it, but let's face it - completing a DD album in the Southern Hemisphere really does come with its own unique set of issues...

it's summer for one
long hot days
school's out
we're on holiday
we're away camping
it's family time

plus - it was 100 degrees in my scrap room!

none of this creates a conducive atmosphere to hunker down and complete this project.

when i picked up work on this album again in late march, i was up to Day 15-ISH, and i really just had this 'GET ER DONE' attitude - which i DID NOT LIKE - one little bit.

the memories are precious and these projects deserve our care, attention and RESPECT.

so after giving myself a talking to, i simply proceeded to 'fill the pockets'.

i was grateful that i'd already written and saved "Thoughts on Christmas" back on Christmas Day, and i was grateful for so much online inspiration in our DD Facebook group, and i was grateful that i have an awesome memory and could still journal each day without feeling like i was 'phoning it in'.

so - what can i change in 2016?

not much really.
i can keep up as best as i did in 2015 by journalling the stories, printing photos at home and working on the album every day where and when possible, but life gets in the way.

i was out of town twice in one week in mid-december 2015 and that's where i stopped keeping up.
THEN it was Christmas, THEN we went camping, THEN it was too hot in my room to work on my album, THEN it was April - lol.

so - without further ado - i give you my December Daily 2015

props to my daughter who stood on my left today with her iPhone torch on giving me as much 'side light' as she could while we used the fading sun from a window on my right.  photographing these projects isn't an easy task. standing on a chair hunched over - 65 photos later my back was killing me and my hand had cramped.  oh how we suffer for our craft!!!!! ;)

working means i'm not volunteering right now and i miss it...

these number tags are fun
i'm looking forward to using them on other projects

how cute is my girl's Christmas sweater?
so thankful that my girls sent me photos and stories that i could include in my DD

ali posted a tutorial somewhere on her blog on how to make these fold out inserts
i'm really happy with the way it turned out

the other side of the insert

i also used a couple of 3x8 inserts left over from my Week in the Life album

NOT my Oprah ticket 
i could've sworn i downloaded mine from the ticket website and saved it to use in my album when i got around to it - but NOPE! nowhere to be found on my 'puter and the stoopid ticketing website were no help either, so this is the ticket of my friend Trina!

this is a plastic ziplock bag from the bulk bin section of the supermarket
i snaffooed a christmas-themed one knowing it would come in handy! 

cards, eftpos receipts and other december memorabilia


Roll on Week in the Life
in 2 weeks' time!



Trina McClune said...

What an incredible DD! You're right, your memories do deserve the respect to take the time to do it how you dreamed. So what if it's taken longer than you hoped?! It's great!

LMC christchurch said...

Blimey Sue. You have been busy-what a life and beautifully told.I admire your perseverance.A wonderful achievement.

Carmel Keane said...

Wonderful achievement Sue! The DD looks fabulous! Love the variety of Pockets used and all the wonderful photos and journaling. Well done!

mandyb said...

wahoooooooooo well done you!!!!

Nicole said...

LOVE this! You did a fantastic job! I got about 1/3 of the way through DD, doing it daily, then lost steam, and haven't touched it since. Seeing this makes me want to go back and finish it though :)