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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week in the Life: Friday's Words and Photos

ticking things off the list i'd like to achieve this week:

- 'get low'

7:24 | the calm after the storm. wind gusts of up to 150 kph hit welly last night
luckily we're quite sheltered where we live

7:40 | katelin comes out for her regular 'mid morning' snack

when i come out to the kitchen, clive has already laid out everything for a granola breakfast but i tell him i'm not feeling it and will probably make myself eggs

i'm working this afternoon, so have time

next thing i see, he's making eggs!

7:45 | i guess the power of suggestion was just too much for him :)

not that i'm complaining. nom nom

9:22 | someone's new iPhone has just arrived

old school. new school. 
yes i got petrol
yes i got the car washed
yep i got groceries
yes i did catch the 11.42 train 
no, i didn't collect the dry cleaning. there were no car parks. ah well, whatever's there has been there since march, so i'm guessing it can wait...

also: bacon.

9:42 | huh. it's gone up 3 cents overnight

9:45 | chilling' in the car wash

10:16 | at the supermarket. again.
no, bananas weren't on the list, but i got them anyway
apparently, we can never have too many these days

10:34 | inspired by a cool photo by fellow week in the lifer kelly fergie - this is one of my many outtakes, but i love it anyway. all the bold colours and all that gorgeous 'white space' to write on later

i carried those damn groceries back and forth across the drive so many times!!!!!

11:06 | "the unboxing"

there's so much of a story to go with this photo, which will be included in my album.

suffice it to say - this phone represents so much more than a 'just a brand new phone' and i'm so very proud of my baby. this young lady who's basically managing an under-staffed clothing store, with less than 4 months retail experience.

11:14 | cooking dinner now because i know we'll be home late.
found this recipe on pinterest from 'south your mouth'

i had to leave before it finished cooking so tash took photos for me
it made HEAPS and tasted really good, but next time i'll use more chicken, more broccoli, a second can of soup and less ritz crackers, because 2 small boxes here i think is way more than 2 'sleeves'

also - cheddar cheese soup? that's gotta be an american thing, coz i couldn't find any at the supermarket! i ended up just adding grated cheese. coz grilled cheese.....

11:33 | hi ho hi ho...

12:21 | i meet a friend before work
she's feeling pretty under the weather and didn't want a pic
i love this cafe.  the staff wear 'home girl' and 'home boy' tees
very cool
great service. great food.  i had the vegetarian quesadilla and salads

1:00 | my final walk to work for the week
i went the long way just to get this pic and made myself late...

1:36 | mikaela sends me several photos from the workshop
this one ends up on her IG with the caption "BUG in the workshop today"
her text reads: "more photos for you. i've already blurred out the licence plates"
ah - my girl - the child of a scrapbooker!
she also tells me that bugattis are the fastest and most expensive cars in the world

even though she's temping there, they want her to take the job permanently
she says "i'm trying to get them to take me for a ride in the cars"
i said: "make it a deal breaker.  send pics!"

4:27 | FRI-YAY work drinks for sue

4:54 | a 'snap' from zoe
FRI-YAY work drinks for zoe and receptionist kate 

5:27 | FRI-YAY work drinks for clive and his business partner at their accountant's office
it's a tough life i tell ya...

5:59 | we had to leg it, but we made it

6:56 | what? it'll go flat if i don't finish it

8:49 | natasha ellen squared

after a couple of full on weeks at work, i know my tash is looking forward to hanging out with friends
some are working, some are studying. everyone's got different schedules and it's difficult to get together

they're waiting on tomas, who i've never met!
apparently they were in the same graphics class for 3 years, and it surprises me that i've never heard of him.  i guess i don't have to know ALL her friends, but just figured that i did lol

10:30 | clive's helping the kids with a movie and i'm staying out of their way
this puzzle has been calling out to me all week...


9213 steps

i'm not one of those people who feels the need to run around the house at 11 o'clock at night just to see it tick over


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mandyb said...

another great post...that brekky and dinner sounds yum!!!
love that you are getting pics from another time zone too..
so cool