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Friday, May 13, 2016

Week in the Life: Thursday's Words and Photos

taking a leaf out of ali's book today with 'remembering' as a prompt

i want to remember that Tash tried to get clive to line his feet up with hers
me: i was happy just to get the photo. 

7:15 | I slept late today.
I remember hearing Katelin get up around 6 and didn’t expect to go back to sleep.  Next thing it’s 7.15 and clive’s already in the bathroom! It’s a pity my fitbit was on the charge last night, because I’m sure it would’ve shown a ‘flat line’ for sleep.  I swear I didn’t turn over once!
In fact I’m certain, because when i wake up my left ear is stinging!!!

7:31 | thank goodness my hair only takes 2 minutes to blow-dry

i realise i don't take many pictures in the evening, or of my bedroom

i guess with 4 adults living in the house, evenings are fairly quiet and without routine, unless you count eating dinner and watching a 'friends rerun' routine!

as for the bedroom, maybe not having my phone in there has something to do with that

personally i think there needs to be a line.  i mean, i'm pretty much surgically attached to it for the rest of the day...

7:34 | paper made it onto the drive.  just.

7:40 | This is his “no more photos” face.  
Some days the family are more up for it than others.  I expect all you ‘week in the lifers’ get this!

i want to remember that on THIS day in 2015 (a day when we documented Day in the Life), he did a cute little happy dance in front of the coffee machine when i took his pic  

8:06 | i want to remember Tash's quick sense of humour
while none of us are really morning people, she's always got a smile for the camera
i want to remember how well katelin is managing her schedule right now
today she'll have meetings over 15 hours

8:21 | Tash catches a ride down the hill with us
our train comes first and this child NEVER misses an opportunity to bomb a photo
if you looked up 'photo bombing' in the dictionary, it would say "tash bull is a genius at this"

8:28 | commuter life

8:46 | my walk to work
a breeze to make the flag fly today and some pretty cool clouds

8:48 | what do we think of the new IG interface people??? 

1:08 | i've got some errands to run in town before i head home and i need to eat first
i've heard good things about this place
this many pans and a line out the door is a good sign...

and then this happened.....
oh sure i had my head stuck in my phone (mentally planning pages for my WitL album), when i see i have a snap from one of my girls' besties
i figure she's seen me as she's walking past and taken a pic to let me know she's stalked me, so i turn around to see if she's still there...

...and she's standing in line behind me laughing her head off

her: "everyone was in on it.  this lady was hiding me!"
me: well, you have to pose for a photo now, but i promise it'll only show up in print!"

1:22 | i stop at midland park to eat
it was sunny but windy
i want to remember my quick reflexes when the wind caught the box - open tub of soy'n'all

1:13 | my girl in london has left work in the middle of the day for a flat viewing.
she's taken on a sublet and is sorted for another 2 weeks' at least
she had to borrow this umbrella from work as it was raining rather heavily!

1:56 | even as i type this, i can smell these cookies
i mean the shop is RIGHT on the street and the smell.....
well it's just not fair
i blame hormones
i send katelin a text: "you supply the coffee and i'll supply the contraband"

2:10 | there are only 2 carriages during off-peak times and i love to sit at the back and watch the carriage 'pull' as it twists and turns
i realise there are VERY few straight lines on these tracks over the short distance to my station from the city

2:24 | the plasterers have been!
the hole had only been there since december 2014 when the plumber chopped into the wall looking for that mystery leak... 

4:39 | staff discount #ftw

i want to remember how she wore her makeup differently today
she's gorgeous every day with or without dark lipstick or eyeliner 'wings', but she's looking for a balance between concealing red spots and keeping her gorgeous freckles
i love that she loves them

6:23 | evening time
it's so dark so early. only a little over a month until the shortest day

"the last one (1)" and the remains of our thyme roasted chicken and beans with cauliflower mash and caper sauce - which i tried!

i'm not a fan of any sized green salty things...


definitely less photos again today

must be a work day thing, PLUS my internet was down this afternoon and i spent way too much time trying to figure out why.


7444 steps


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mandyb said...

great post and yes i am working backwards on your posts but first

HAHA on the stalker....
and YUMMMM on the dumplings
and OHHHHHHHHHHH i made your witl
.......did ya see me (in some form!!!)???