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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week in the Life: Wednesday's Photos and Words

now that my iPad is beside my bed (i have the kindle app on it), when i wake i reach for it, knowing that tash and mikaela will have reunited in london around 3.30am our time, and there'll be pictures of them.

7:45 | look how happy they are to be together

i wasn't sure whether they would answer, but i facetimed them anyway

i listened to them excitedly recount tash's arrival into heathrow, the inefficiencies of the customs staff who went on break enmasse, how an entire crowd of people materialised between tash and mikaela as they were trying to get to each other; and her attempt and failure to use an oyster card and negotiate the barrier at the tube. i could only laugh at tash's near delirium due to jet lag and lack of sleep.

when they stopped talking, i said "yay, now i want all of that all in writing!" - HA!

8:55 | another day, another Bank - this time to organise insurance for the new house.

after the november 14 earthquake, insurance companies embargoed issuing new policies.

call me old fashioned, but i thought their core business WAS insurance...

does this outfit say "please insure our new house?!"

9:20 | the bank is right by hubby's office so i meet him there first

9:43 | young oliver at work, and when i say YOUNG - omg, i was so tempted to ask him if he was still using a student bus pass to get to work - ha!

again though, friendly and efficient and his bank insured our newly purchased house, so yay!

10:23 | i can feel myself getting progressively more tired as the week goes on

10:38 | i had my nails done in HOI AN and even before i started packing and cleaning they were starting to look rather sad, so it's back to bare and very short nails for the time being.

11:34 | at the supermarket
do i wish that i had been able to get the words 'fruit and vegetables' in the shot and that my white space was on the right rather than the left?


this stack of soy and almond milk was one giant BOOBY TRAP.

it was a veritable 'house of cards' that toppled when i lifted one pack off the pile.
many came tumbling down onto the floor and i'm just grateful that none burst, coz i swear i would've just laid down right there in the middle of the supermarket and cried if they did.

you can see where i have haphazardly returned some of the fallen to the pile.

1:29 | lunch at home after a morning of running errands

1:49 | and of course "friends"!
"the one where rachel quits"

after lunch it's back into schlepping, wiping, vacuuming and cleaning.

1:15 | 3 down, 4 to go

3:13 |

3:18 | but yay for sun

for a brief moment, i considered lying down and having a wee nap

5:27 & 5:32 | snaps from tash. her body clock is all over the place so she wakes early
god this kid cracks me up
NB: mikaela is NOT a morning person...

7:36 | i'm really not that well but i went to boxing anyway
at this point in the week, i'm up for getting out of the house and doing ANYTHING other than cleaning windows...

my boxing partner dani - i love that she let me take a post-class [sweaty] picture

8:04 | class was tough, mostly because my incessant cough causes me shortness of breath, but i'll take these stats!

9:54 | still going strong 10 seasons in
love this show

i took a whole 27 photos today!!!


Margot/NZ said...

Enjoying these glimpses into this super-busy week. Good for you for taking the photos and getting them up onto the blog with commentary. Not sure how you are doing it - you might need to actually take that nap next time!

mandyb said...

oh i love this post!!!!
and i am with you on the unstacked properly shelves
woahhhhhhh on being tired and sick too
hope you are feeling better